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We have everything...is there a polite way to ask for cash?

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Here's an after the wedding comment on this subject.


I registered, but only for things I needed or upgraded to nicer things since I knew my family were throwing me a shower. Of course, most people prefer to give gifts during a shower since part of the party is opening gifts and making a hat out of the bows etc etc. I received almost everything from my registry.


People that do not buy off the registry do it for few reason. First, there is no longer a gift in your registry that is in their price range and they don't know another guests to pair with to combine gifts together. Second, they want to give a more romantic present (along with a few other guests who will buy a nice frame, vase, clock etc.) than say a spatula. This is where all the duplication happens.


Since we were having a destination wedding, we did not expect wedding gifts from our guests. The budget I put together even assumes that we would not get any $$$ back so I was hesitant to spend a lot on many things.

The outcome was that all our guests still gave us a gift, check/cash mostly. Many of which were very very generous. Even those who did not go to Mexico gave us gifts.


So I think, it's safer to register so you get what you want than to not register because people by nature loves to give gifts especially to showers. Most would know to give cash to a wedding to help out with the wedding expenses.


One of the gift that we loved since we travel often is a 7 day timeshare (no restrictions). smile123.gif

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