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Legal Ceremony Outline for EDR

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Hey guys-- I think the symbolic ceremony outline has been posted here- but I'm looking for brides that have done the legal ceremony at EDR that could post an outline, or their ceremony program? I am trying to DIY my programs for the wedding ceremony, and would love some help with how it is going to flow with the legal wedding ceremony... Thanks, in advance, for any help!!!

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We are having a magistrate marry us first and then having a symbolic ceremony with a coin exchange. If you google coin exchange ceremonies you can find some info. Also, the destination weddings book by the knot has a great outline for destination weddings. You can purchase it at bn.com.

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I'm getting married at Azul but since it's a Karisma Resort I bet these are very similar, this is what my wedding cord gave me:


Ladies and gentlemen, according to the laws of this country we are gathered here to celebrate the civil marriage of: ……………..



Seeing it is a very important act, I would kindly ask everybody to remain in silence.



As witnesses of this important act, there are present here: ………..


Who will sign the marriage document.



A great Mexican philosopher of the 19th century, Mr. Melchor Ocampo wrote in his legendary letter the following words:


“Marriage†it says, is the only legal and moral way to found a family, to preserve mankind and avoid imperfections of the human being, who are only able to obtain the perfection of the human race through matrimony in a conjugal duality.


Men and woman have the same rights, but it is important to observe their respective obligations.


Both of you should have respect, fidelity, trust and assistance to one another and also tenderness and love much love. Do not fight with one another, use your heads and your hearts to correct something wrong.


Both of you should be aware of the great responsibility of being parents, because you should provide your children with attention, good example to follow during the rest of their lives.



Now I ask to your witnesses.


Are ……………. and ……………. persons you know well?


Are there any objections for them to be joined in legal marriage?



(Now hold your hands, looking each other)


…………… do you accept …………….. as your beloved and wedded wife, to love and honor her, stand by her side, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?


(now place her the ring)



………….. do you accept ………….. as your beloved and wedded husband, to love and honor him, stand by his side, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?


(now place him the ring)



In the name of the law and the society and with the authority of Playa del Carmen, Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo Mexico, I pronounce you husband and wife



“you may kiss the brideâ€



Now I will give you this document and hope it will remain sealed forever as well as your compromise to find together always the eternal happiness that by love you have the right too.


Always together psychically and spiritually joined.

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This is the outline we had at EDR for our legal ceremony...


We did our personal vows, ring exchange and sand ceremony set after this.. She moved the "kiss the bride and I now pronounce you..."until after our ring exchange-- but it was before our sand ceremony ceremony.


They go over the outline and what you want to add, etc-- in your meeting with the WCs when you arrive. I had the email I had sent to Valeria stating what I wanted with our personal add-ins, and gave them a copy at the meeting..

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