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'Beverly Hills, 90210' Spinoff in the Works


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'Beverly Hills, 90210' Spinoff in the Works - MSN TV News

March 13, 2008, 5:05 PM EST



It's almost been a decade since "Beverly Hills, 90210" was on, but hey, it's never too late for a spinoff.


The CW is developing a contemporary update of the popular '90s teen soap with possibly a bit of sass since "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas is in talks to write the project.


Plotwise, there's not much to tell yet, but the network should be deciding whether to order a pilot by month's end.


If this deal goes through, it would bring Thomas back into The CW fold after "Veronica Mars" ended its three-season run last spring. He had attempted a fourth season of the show with a time jump, setting the tiny sleuth in the FBI Academy, but it didn't fly.


"90210" previously spawned another spinoff, the equally popular "Melrose Place." "90210" has had a revival of sorts with two members of its cast -- Jennie Garth and Ian Ziering -- appearing on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" and Tori Spelling getting her own reality attention with "Tori & Dean: Inn Love."


Since "90210" revolved around the young and wealthy in Beverly Hills, the spinoff could be a good companion to "Gossip Girl," which has a similar premise but set on the East Coast in Manhattan.

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OMG OMG OMG I would soooooo be into this, as long as it was true to the original. I was such a huge fan, I can actually boast that I watched ALL 10 seasons episodes, had to record and watch the ones I missed :)

In college, we lived near the US-Canada border and every Wednesday we used to have a 90210 party while we got ready to go drive up and go to the bars up there, and then every Thursday we ahd a Melrose Place party while we recovered from the night before wink.gif


I cried the whole last episode! It felt like I grew up with them! Ha! Totally pitiful, I know!

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Originally Posted by LALA View Post
My dreams are coming true!!!! Maybe Emily Valentine will light another float on fire!
Hahaha...she was a nutcase! Love 90210, can't wait to see how this develops!

BTW has anyone read Tori Spelling's book? I read an excerpt online, I'll post it in another thread. Very interesting!
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