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Honeymoon Suggestions (RM)???

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I love Dreams Tulum, but I wouldn't recommend as a honeymoon site. It's beautiful and relaxing but I would rather a more romantic resort. And one where there aren't kids running all over the place!

A couple of friends of mine honeymooned at El Dorado Royale and LOVED it! They spoke wonders of the private/outdoor shower! :)

Anyway...my fiance and I are considering going to Cuba since we will only be about a 30 min plane ride away. I hear the beaches there are beautiful and I would love to see Havana.

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I'd love to be able to help! Each of the resorts you mentioned has a completely different ambience, amenities and price point. There are several others that are wonderful for honeymooners-just depends on what you want!


What I do for honeymoons is find out exactly what YOU are looking for and your budget then make a recommendation. What one couple may find as amazing anther may think ho-hum!


If you are already working with a travel agent please continue to work with them but if your not please consider using me or Tammy (host) or TA Dina.


The bookings support the forum and with the amazing growth this forum has been having the expenses are growing also! You'll receive great service, pricing comparable (and maybe less than booking online) and you'll be supporting the community thats here for all DW brides!


Off my soap box and hope to hear from you!


TA Jennifer

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ROFL...we had a room on the lazy river and every morning when I went out to lay in the sun or jump in the river our lizard was hanging out across the river from me.


They really don't bother you, I tried to get close and take a picture and they run.


But there's really not THAT many of them and we got married at dreams cancun and there was lizards there as well, so I think you're going to see them anywhere.

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