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Hilton Brides Issues

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I know I have read some posts about concerns with the WC(s) at the Hilton. When I booked the Hilton, I was working with Emeline and she was one of the main reasons I booked there. There was so much great feedback about her, and she was easy to talk to and get information from. Since then, Emeline has been promoted (I believe) and I was switched to Mara. Now Mara is gone and Jaira is the new WC. Does anyone else feel stressed with all of these changes? Both Mara and Jaira are very nice, but much slower than Emeline was. I attribute this to the new duties they have had to take on. None the less, I am a little nervous with my wedding less than 2 months away. Any other Hilton ladies out there who can comfort me a little ??



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I felt the same way, so I hired Maye to oversee the wedding. I don't deal with Jaria at all. I contact Daniela is who really nice. Emeline is no longer with the Hilton. Since I hired Maye, I feel comfortable that everything will be ok.

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We're booked for 6/29 and I'm working with Jaira too. I've found that she is slow, but I think it's because she's just busy. When I call her, she'll spend however long on the phone answering my questions for me and I email her these long lists of questions and it usually takes her a week to get back to me and sometimes I have to send a follow up email (hey, did you get my email? Do you have any questions about my questions?), but her responses are helpful, though short. I would just communicate with her. Tell her that you're getting a little nervous with the wedding just 2 months away and ask her what needs to be done by when. This could also be part of the "latin" sense of time. As American brides, we're probably eager to book early and they're just thinking, eh, everything will work out fine ; )


Basically, if Jaira is your WC, you just need to e proactive and not wait for her to come to you.


Hopefully this helps. If you want to swap info, PM me. Good luck!

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