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i sent these out 2 weeks ago and just got around to scanning both the card and the little rsvp enclosure. sorry i was lazy and did them in the same scan because they both fit on the scanner at the same time. i erased out the personal info and codes to post on here. funny thing is, my FI came home from work today and told me that his mom loved these so much, that now she wants to have some more made to send to all the guests in mexico, obviously in spanish. and because nobody uses the postal system, that means his mom's chauffeur will drive around dropping them off at everybody's homes. how posh is that? haha. i'm glad she was so impressed with them and that SOMEBODY thinks i'm doing something right!


but i digress...the fonts i used are janeausten which i downloaded from dafont.com and copperplate which i already had on my computer. i printed these at home-- the actual STD i printed on my dad's canon inkjet photo printer, and the small rsvp enclosure was printed on my HP all-in-one inkjet.


kinda hard to tell, but the text is navy.


I printed them on 5x7 cards from papersource, they are the luxe white A7 flat cards: Luxe White A7 Flat Card - Paper Source

The rsvp cards are printed on 4bar cards from papersource, they are the luxe white that measure 3.5x4.85: Luxe White 4 Bar Flat Card - Paper Source

then I used the luxe white A7 envelopes, and printed each person's address in janeausten font (which was a huge PITA): A7 Luxe White - Paper Source

Click the image to open in full size.


enjoy and feel free to ask questions! ive gotten many phone calls and emails this week from friends asking where i had them done, and everybody is so impressed when i say i made them at home cheesy.gif

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