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Sweet tooth

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Ok, I am having a sweet tooth moment and I was wondering if everyone can post what flavors they are having for their cake and color. I will start.


The first layer is going to be white chocolate mousse cake with white chocolate mousse filling. Second layer is going to be marble cake with chocolate mousse filling. The colors the frosting is going to be a shade of coral and then the decorations are going to be shells of different shapes made out of chocolate and colored in teal.


Who is next?

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we are having a round 3 tier cake


each tier is going to be coconut cake with chocolate buttercream icing inbetween the layers


the entire cake will be covered with chocolate buttercream


there will be toasted shaved coconut lying on the top of each layer


the very top will have a blinging "B"

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we are having individual choc and white mousse in liqueur glasses. these will sit in a few tiers and sprinkled with some kind of edible fairy dust. I am thinking the acrylic cake tier that I have seen on flothru or something like that. the top of the tier will be one big glass that we will eat out of when "cutting" the dessert so to speak..

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ok.. i'm a little worried about my cake. i'm going with whatever the resort gives. the last picture i saw had this sad little cake that looked like it was wilting and literally a bunch of grapes on top.. branches and all haha. so i have a day of the dead cake topper and some flowers to dress it up a little. smile78.gif

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OOOOOhhhh. Caaaaake. Droooooool.


Ours will be cupcakes, white choc cake with milk chocolate frosting, topped with choc/white choc swirl seashell shaped truffles and sprinkled with aqua colored sugar cake sprinkles.

Oh lord I can't WAIT for July!

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