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FIL's dont want us having DW...WTF

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I am about to have the self same problem and both myself and the FI have agreed he will deal with his mother and only him because if she starts demands with me I'll have her in tears in 30 secs flat and don't give a rats ass about it lol


When we got engaged about 4 years ago she said now don't wait too long because "Jock" is getting old!! I said who the hell is he and she said oh its my brother!! i mean WTF he is obviously so involved in the family I didn't know who he was lol


I said well firstly can he afford a flight lol, secondly who says he's invited, and thirdly I'm not jumping to your timetable lol


His dad nearly choked on his beer and said he agreed and told her to wind her neck in lol but now his dad has died she's on a fecking mission and hardly anyone talks to her again lol


FI has said if she isn't there he won't lose sleep over it and none of his other family are invited, thank god it would be like the clampits lol


So moral is as long as you and your FI are happy tell others like it or don't thats the situation. You can't please everyone all the time so why try takes too much life force up lol


Vent over lmao smile35.gif

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