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Postcard question

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I am going to include postcards in our OOT bags. I'm thinking 2-3 each so they can send one back to us with their favorite memory from the trip.


My question is, Do I put anything on the front other than Jamaica?


If they are sending them to friends and family I don't know that I want our wedding logo or names plaster across the front.


Any opinions? Anyone have a cute saying?


I'm over-thinking again, aren't I?

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I agree. I think just regular post cards would be good for the very reason you stated - your guests could end up sending one to other friends and family who were not at the wedding.


We're probably going to end up doing the same thing. Enclose 2-3 post cards, pre-stamped, and encourage our guests to mail one to us towards the end of our trip outlining their favourite moments, well wishes etc....

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ok this is what you do, open any of the vistaprint designs then right click and hit replace then hit "search our image library" type in whatever you want the pic to be of ie cabo and use one of theirs... A it will be the correct resolution, B you don't have to pay the upload fee :) And you can still add whatever text you want, move it around adjust the font to what you want. I love vistaprint :)

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