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Were going to Vegas!

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Originally Posted by Raeka View Post
I'm hijacking your thread Laura... sorry

I miss seeing you around the forum!!! How's all the wedding planning coming along? Did you end up having your bachelorette party with your sister?
I know, I am a horrible BDW poster these days. I am just so busy. I work 2 days a week and then I watch my sisters 2 kids for her on my days off. She works 12hr shifts so it makes for a really long day!
The plans are going really well. I am just finishing up my invites so that I can mail them out next month. MY shower is in 2 weeks which will be super fun!
No bachlorette party yet. I think it wont be until May.
Originally Posted by MelissaH View Post
Expect an email a mile long when I get back from Vegas next week full of all the things you HAVE to see and do wink.gif Isn't it super exciting!?
I would love an email of what to see!! Ive been there once but I was only 17 so Im sure its a lot different when theres actually st uff to do! lol I hope you have an awesome time!! friday.gif

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