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Were going to Vegas!

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Well its all official. We are flying out of Buffalo on April 2nd and come back April 6th!! Were staying at Mandalay Bay :) Im so freaking excited! Robins a little scared cause hes never been in a plane before, but aside from that we are just thrilles to have an early honeymoon!

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Congrats!!! The Mandalay is really nice. The pool is really great too, but it fills up EARLY! Last time we stayed there there was a huge line to get a seat. If you were there 30 min after it opened you had to find a seat by the wave pool which is a simulated beach. I love the beach when i am on a beach vacation, but if I am at a pool I like nice, solid ground to walk on...If you are gtting spa treatments I highly recommend trying a different hotel. The Mandalay spa is so noisy!!! Try the Grand Spa at MGM. It's great and not as expensive as some of the others!!!


Las Vegas Spas Luxury Spa Packages Health Club : MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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