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Ceremony Program

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Tried a search on this but I think my wording is to generic because everything is coming up.


Im trying to order my programs and when it comes to the ceremony besides the exchange of vows and sand ceremony, what is there?


Oh my god am i bad bride...I honestly dont know! Im looking at my sisters who had a cathlioc ceremony and just the ceremony part is like three pages long...lol!

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You can include a short description of each member of the wedding party and their relationship to you/your FI. You can also add a thank you if anyone went above and beyond in helping you put together the wedding. Also, some brides include a little description about different traditions and symbols in the ceremony (e.g. meaning of the unity candle, or any other tradition).

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I don't remember where I found this but this is the order for a Christian Ceremony. Sorry it's so long!!! My programs are going to be skinny and the first page will have the order of the cermeony with music and reading cited. The second page will be about the bridal party I'm thinking of including our reading on the last page because I really like it.


The Wedding Ceremony


Processional - Music Selection____________________________


**The processional music begins with the seating of the honored guests; Seating of the Parents :Groomâ€s grandparents, Brideâ€s grandparents, Groomâ€s Parents, Brideâ€s Parents


Bridal Processional Begins - Music Selection_________________________________________ ______

•Minister and Groom enter usually from stage right. If the Groomsmen are not escorting the Bridesmaids down the aisle to the altar, they also enter together with the Minister and Groom.

•Bridesmaids enter, usually down the center aisle, one at a time. If the Groomsmen are escorting the Bridesmaids, they enter together.

•Maid or Matron of Honor enters. If she is being escorted by the Best Man, they enter together.

Wedding March Begins – Music Selection_________________________________________ ________

The Bride and her father enter. Typically the Bride's mother will stand as a signal for all of the guests to stand.

Opening Remarks - "The Call to Worship"

The Opening Prayer

Congregation is Seated

Giving Away of the Bride

Worship Song, Hymn / Solo or Chosen Reading

The Charge to Bride and Groom

The Pledge

Wedding Vows—At this moment in the wedding ceremony the Bride and Groom face one another.

Exchanging of the Rings

Lighting of the Unity Candle / Sand Ceremony

The Pronouncement

Holy Communion

The Closing Prayer

The Kiss

Presentation of the Couple

Recessional – Music Selection_______________________________

The wedding party exits the platform, typically in the following order:

•Bride and Groom

•Maid or Matron of Honor and Best Man

•Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

•Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

•The Ushers return for the honored guests who are escorted out in reverse order of their entrance.

•Ushers may then dismiss the remaining guests, either all at once, or one row at a time.

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