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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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#6881 Lisa DSO

Lisa DSO
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    Posted 19 October 2010 - 04:16 PM


    Originally Posted by giraffexx 

    Congrats Runningbride and all the other September and October brides!!!


    I haven't been on here in forever. My dad was diagnosed over the summer with an aortic aneurysm which required him to have open-heart surgery. I have been his main caregiver throughout his recovery process which has been ongoing for the last 10 weeks. I am happy to say the he is recovering well and getting stronger everyday :)


    Now that he is getting better it is time to turn my focus back to wedding planning. I am a month out today and still have a ton to do!! I can't believe November is coming so quickly!


    Can't wait to hear all the recent brides reviews! Hope everyone's planning is going well!

    Oh girl I know how stressful that can be! My dad went through it in February and I was a nervous wreck. I'm glad to hear he is doing well :-)

    #6882 RunningBride24

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      Posted 19 October 2010 - 06:06 PM

      Oh no I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! I'm glad he is on the road to recovery!


      I got the luxury package and before we went I was worried I screwed up and should have done the free package and added what I needed. But now I'm glad I did the luxury package! Little things make my day, and some of the items included I really appreciated. Ask if you have any specific questions.


      I just got a standard cake that came with the package. I choose vanilla and holy h*ll it was so good! I don't really eat sweets so maybe that's why it was so good, but our guests raved about it!!! 


      Oh, yes, my bouquet and Kenny's flower were included in our package. I just paid for the bridal party and parents.


      Here are some more pictures! My hair is naturally really, really curly. I didn't straighten it once. And after Fernando's guy did it it looked beautiful the entire night and lasted the next day until I fi)72439_10150275641115371_547970370_14958513_5529502_n.jpg232323232fp4334->nu=3239>--->;<;>WSNRCG=33<;43;574326nu0mrj.jpeg232323232fp4334;>nu=3239>--->;<;>WSNRCG=33<;4373<8326nu0mrj.jpeg232323232fp43435>nu=3239>--->;<;>WSNRCG=33<;43;53;326nu0mrj.jpeg

      ~The future Mrs. Thompson~10*10*10

      #6883 RunningBride24

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        Posted 19 October 2010 - 06:23 PM

        Thanks for all the kind words! You all will have the day of your dreams at the Royal, that's for sure!!!! :) 


        Jess, she had a microphone at the ceremony, I had no trouble hearing or understanding her, perfect english. 

        ~The future Mrs. Thompson~10*10*10

        #6884 orbitingbklyn

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          Posted 19 October 2010 - 06:56 PM

          I am having the light-up dance floor without a DJ and the charge is $750 for the dancefloor.


          it seems like a fun addition to the party!  hope this helps


          you will find all of your answers here!!!  the ladies rock!!


          congrats to runningbride!!  gorgeous!  it's so great to hear all the positive experiences!


          45 days until my wedding!


          Originally Posted by jesmcan 



          1. Yes that is correct $200 for 5 pieces, it s rented through the resort, they have their own vendor they work with. Some girls have used outside vendors from Cancun but than you get hit with the $350 outside vendor fee.


          2. The light up dance floor is not included, but you can rent it for an additional cost with the DJ.


          3.That is exactly what it means and its the additional cost per guest at the royal or gran porto and than its even more for non resort guests.


          I was exactly where you are now one year ago. It flys by, I can't believe its only three weeks away. Enjoy every moment.


          #6885 orbitingbklyn

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            Posted 19 October 2010 - 07:15 PM

            a correction.  i was told the light-up dancefloor was $750 and i think that's what the price spreadsheet says, but when my invoice came with all the wedding stuff, it was only $700



            Originally Posted by orbitingbklyn 

            I am having the light-up dance floor without a DJ and the charge is $750 for the dancefloor.


            it seems like a fun addition to the party!  hope this helps


            you will find all of your answers here!!!  the ladies rock!!


            congrats to runningbride!!  gorgeous!  it's so great to hear all the positive experiences!


            45 days until my wedding!


            #6886 Heidi82

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              Posted 19 October 2010 - 07:30 PM

              Hola!  I just returned from my friends wedding in Puerto Morelos and I cannot wait to go back to the Riviera Maya next year for MY wedding!!


              RunningBride & MsKinney (sp?) - CONGRATS!  I can't wait to read your reviews and see all of your pictures!  I am getting the luxury package, DJ Ivan and the dance floor too and I'm glad to hear from y'all those things are worth the money! 


              Msglave - We stayed at the Now Jade Riviera in Puerto Morelos for my friends wedding.  The good things about it:  not too far from the airport, great party atmosphere at the pool(s), relaxing atmosphere at the beach, YUMMY food at the Italian restaurant.  The negative things were:  the walls were paper thin...I heard a little more than necessary , there were littles gnats flying around everywhere and they would get stuck in the shower and in the corners of the rooms...gross.  AND the weirdest thing ever:  People swore they saw animals that looked like sloths wandering around in the halls at night eating people's leftover room service food.  Funny, but gross!  Maybe they just had too many drinks!  Unfortunately we never left the resort because we were having so much fun we decided not to explore any other areas, so I can't tell ya much about the area in general.  Sorry! 



              So, on the last day of our trip we took a cab over to the Royal to do a site visit and I was SO ecstatic with our decision to have our wedding at this resort!!  It is gorgeous!  It was very well kept and everyone was very friendly.  We met one of the WCs in the Wedding Center and she showed us the gazebo, main beach, gardens and the lobby.  We also asked to see a guest room and they quickly found us a room that had just been cleaned.  It was so nice (no gnats!) and we could see out to the garden.  I think there were hamocks on the balconies of all the rooms!  The pools were so clean and there seemed to be plenty of chairs.  It was so hard to leave!  We wanted to spend just one night there!  We also did a food tasting.  The restaurant had a table set up for us with a tablecloth and the manager waited on us the whole time.  One of the chefs brought out our food for each course and explained what it was.  It was a bit too early in the morning (it was around 10am when we ate) to eat so much, but it was all delicious!  I'll have to figure out the exact names of the food we tried and post them along with the pictures I took.  I have to say the filet was very tasty and I'm usually not a meat person.  We will probably pick this for our main course.  We thought the salmon was great too, but I know too many people who don't like seafood and I don't want them to starve!  I regret not taking a quick peek INSIDE at the ballrooms/salons (I totally thought of this forum when I saw the word salon outside the ballrooms hehe), but overall it made me SO much more relaxed to see the resort in person!  It is exactly what I wanted to experience.  My FI was also excited about the town being so close to the hotel and the fact that we can actually walk around it in and feel safe.


              Welp, time for bed!  I've gotta get my Save the Dates out asap (maybe this weekend)!  We are still waiting for our engagement pictures, so I feel a bit behind on this but we are still 9 months out so I guess it's okay!


              happy happy happy!!



              July 22, 2001

              #6887 smckinney22

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                Posted 19 October 2010 - 08:40 PM

                My FULL review of my wedding is up!  Woah what a task to write everything and then find corresponding pictures lol  It's done though!  So bring on the questions  :)  I have a bunch of pictures in the review but have so many more saved in all different places on my computer.  My next task...organizing a million pictures from 30 different cameras    I guess that's a good problem to have though!


                Here's a link:  http://www.bestdesti...sive-spa-resort


                If any newbies can't click on links then you can go to my profile and click on the thread that has the little pencil beside it

                #6888 msglave

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                  Posted 20 October 2010 - 04:25 AM


                  Thanks so much for your response! I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time! Did you tast the chicken? I'm thinking about getting it without the seafood stuffing.


                  Your pics look beautiful.  I can't wait to see your pics from Ivan!


                  I have a couple of questions about that I'm hoping you can help me with. Can you tell me how you did your booking at Maria Maries and how/when you guys were able to to select the songs from the violinist. Also, what types of songs did she have? Was there a large selection?



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                  #6889 jesmcan

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                    Posted 20 October 2010 - 04:58 AM

                    Smckinney just read your review and everything looked incredible!!! Question did you give Ivan a full play list or just the first dance etc and than let him do his thing?

                    The Royal PDC & Kool Beach Club 11.12.10

                    #6890 Bride2B22

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                      Posted 20 October 2010 - 05:00 AM

                      Jes- who are you using for DJ services? I know that you are not having your reception at The Royal.....

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