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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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Hey ladies - question for you:


We just found out that my fiance's dad would like to throw us some sort of dinner the night before the wedding.  He is not staying at the Royal, and we want to explore all of our options.   We'd like to keep the price "reasonable," as in under $700 for 15ish people (not incl. drinks).  Are any of you doing this sort of thing at the resort?  Do you know what they would charge?  Or do you have any suggestions as to where we could go off-site?  Any ideas you all may have would be appreciated.  I need to get on it quick, because the wedding is 2 weeks away.  :-)  Thanks!




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Elizabella - it sounds like we have a lot in common!  I too have been lurking here reading comments to this thread recently (SO helpful - thank you all SO much!) and I am also a Royal bride with a twin wedding date as you....  February 26, 2011!!  Only about 4 more months... I can not wait!!  Especially after reading the recent wedding reviews and picture posts (thank you smckinney and runningbride!)!!


The only hesitation/concern I currently have about the wedding is that my sister and brother-in-law will be stuck at the Gran Porto because they have two small kids and I worry about them missing out on night-time festivities since all of our friends are staying at The Royal (FI and I are too) even though they have built-in babysitters aka my parents who will have an adjoining room with them.  I guess I'll just pay for their 'guest passes' to come over if needed but was frustrated to hear that guest passes to The Royal cost about $85 per day (ugh!).  Otherwise I've been happy with The Royal and my WC Claudy who is great about getting back to me within a day or two. 


Anyways just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for all of the valuable information you've been sharing!!

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Originally Posted by msglave View Post

OMG Smickinney! What an awesome review! I am so super excited now! Only 52 days left!!!!! Thank you so much for putting all of that in! I am so happy that we chose to book Ivan and the dance floor. One question, do you have a pic of the flower bouquets that your mom made that you don't mind sharing?  Thanks so much!

Thanks msglave!  Here is a cropped picture of the bouquets for the bridesmaids.  There are some more on the review where the girls are at the aisle but I know their kind of far away. We got them at Floweria Iris.  It's on 30th Ave and Constituyentes.  If you just take the street that runs in between The Royal and Gran Porto you make a right on 30th Ave you'll see a store called Aguilar (my new last name actually lol we got a laugh out of that) and that is 30th Ave where you'll make a right.  It's about a 10 minute walk.  They just have a bunch of loose flowers and we got a ton of flowers for only $40 and it was more than enough to make 3 small bouquets, 3 bouts for the guys and 3 wrist corsages for the moms and grandmother.
bm bouquet.jpg

Originally Posted by kshows03 View Post

Wow!  Great review smckinney!  I def. learned a few things.  I think it's great that your mom made the boquets!  What a great idea.  Did she just get the flowers around town or did you have to go to Walmart?  I know our Walmart sells flowers...anyone know if the Walmart down there does?


I also didn't know about the lanterns.  I never saw them available on any sheet.  Do you mind sharing how much they cost you?


I think its great you showed them little maps and examples - that is GREAT!


Thanks for sharing everything!


I actually brought the turquoise lanterns with me.  I bought them at Target back in the Spring when they had their outdoor type stuff in the dollar bin. 

We didn't make it to the Walmart but it's right up the street from the flower shop I just gave directions too.  So if you go to the Floweria Iris and don't find what you're looking for then Walmart is just a block away.  Here's a map if it helps.




Originally Posted by ChicagoBride2011 View Post

Smkinney love your review!


I love all the postive energy on here the past couple weeks!  It seems like everything is working out for everyone despite the minor bumps in the road we all were having!    smile03.gif

Thanks ChicagoBride2011  All future brides have nothing to worry about.  Any and all questions you have will eventually get answered.  And the wedding coordinators are really accomodating even if you have to get answers or make changes when you meet with them a few days before.  And really, there's not going to be a problem big enough to ruin your wedding at such a beautiful place!  Once you get there and see how beautiful it is and how lucky you are to be able to have such a great location, you'll quickly realize how petty all those little details are.  Just enjoy yourself and your hunny and everything else is peanuts in comparison!


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Ahhh thanks Lisa!


Michelle, about people staying at the Gran. My cousin and her husband were scheduled to stay there but once they got to the resort and realized how much they would have to pay they came to the Royal for only an extra $200!! Are your parents at the Royal? It's really worth it to upgrade. But with small children, it's so hard. My sister left her little girl at home, as did our other friends with babies. Which I know is not the option for everyone, but it made the trip smoother for them 

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Sorry I overlooked this the first time. Thanks for the kind word, Fernando did great!


The violinist was a man, and I just told my WC what I wanted played while I walked down the aisle. After that I couldn't tell you what he played, I don't remember! But I asked some guests and they said it was really good! So just email your WC your requests and the violinist will handle the rest, they are very talented.


As far as Maria/Maria (I really need to get my review up, sorry girls! Way to go SMcKinney, I loved yours!), that was the one little bleep we had. They forgot to schedule our dinner! But everyone showed up and they accommodated us and it worked out perfectly. Everyone enjoyed it there, and the waiters that night were a riot. They had champagne popping everywhere! 

Originally Posted by msglave View Post


Thanks so much for your response! I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time! Did you tast the chicken? I'm thinking about getting it without the seafood stuffing.


Your pics look beautiful.  I can't wait to see your pics from Ivan!


I have a couple of questions about that I'm hoping you can help me with. Can you tell me how you did your booking at Maria Maries and how/when you guys were able to to select the songs from the violinist. Also, what types of songs did she have? Was there a large selection?



Originally Posted by JHarris View Post



You look so beautiful!! Fernando did a great job. When did you do your trial run with him? I love your pics! It makes me so happy and excited to see such beautiful weddings - so glad that i picked The Royal to have our wedding there.


What did you chose as your reception food choices?



THanks Janna! He is amazing!


Believe it or not we didn't do a trial run. I sent him some hair/make up pics of what I liked, then had my laptop open with the pictures. We talked and tweeked it a bit but that was the first time. He and his crew are amazing, I can't say enough about them!


For our reception we did seafood (salmon) and beef and I didn't hear any complaints!


Okay girls it's my project this weekend to get my review and planning thread (lol) updated. My mom surprised me with a lot of personalized favors at the wedding, so it's probably a good thing I didn't do the planning thread yet!


We're doing an at home reception on June 11th, 2011, so I'm already excited for that. I'm honestly jealous of all of you who have upcoming weddings. Seriously, I know everyone says it, but it's so true. Don't stress out, slow down and enjoy everything. Take a few moments to pause and take a mental picture. Don't stress, don't go crazy, don't rush. Just honestly soak in everything. I remember the different feelings I got as the week went on and I hope I never lose those moments, they were the best! 

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Runningbride you just reminded me of something SUPER important that I forgot to put in my review for all to see...


Brides- when you meet with your onsite wedding coordinator the day you get there, remember to re-verify all of your appointments, reservations with the dates and times they are supposed to be!  We had a candle light beach dinner scheduled one day for 8:00 and when we got there they said we were supposed to be there at 7:00!  Luckily it went just like RB said hers did, they were super accommodating and kept apologizing to us and we were apologizing to them lol it was all great and super romantic but we felt bad because we caught them off guard and they had to rush to put a table out on the beach.  Also we had a couples massage for what we thought was 4:00 but the Spa had us down for 4:30. 
So just remember to make sure you have all your dates/times right as soon as you get there to avoid any mishaps.  But if there are some hiccups The Royal is eager to keep the brides happy.

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Runningbride and Smckinney your reviews are wonderful!! You have no idea how much this eases all of our minds! I am constantly stressed out because I have never been there and I worry that things will go wrong...but then I hear how amazing and perfect your weddings were and it really does make me feel so much better so thank you for that woot.gif


You both looked absolutely stunning and so happy in your pictures! I love all the information and hearing about your big days! Everyone on this board is really great and I am so happy I can come here!

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