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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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Tracey - good call on that one! Also, I wonder if you book in 2009, but your wedding is in 2010, which price do you get? I emailed Lili (that's my coordinator) to ask. I'll let you guys know what I found out!

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Originally Posted by olsontco View Post
TightyWhitey.... did you have guest staying at both The Royal and The Gran Portohuh.gif?? I'm just wondering for the reception how much extra you had to pay, if any, for the guest that stayed at another Real resorthuh.gif??
Hey olsontco, all our guests stayed at the Royal but I do remember Lilia, our on-site coordinator, asking us how many guests were staying 'outside' the resort, so I'm assuming there's an additional cost attached.

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Originally Posted by traceyfranzel View Post

Do you remember the cost of the luxury package? we have noticed a discrepecy on the website...a difference of about $750.
the grid that you can print shows $2150http://www.realresorts.com/_lib/PDF/ChartWeddings.pdf

but the listing shows $2900 Real Resorts Wedding, Real Resorts Hotel Wedding, Real Resorts Hotel Beach Wedding|Mexico
Hmmm, we paid $2150 for the Luxury Package.

ETA: Just checked the website; looks like they updated the 'look' and changed the pricing. I would confirm with your WC re. the $2150 and get it in writing asap.

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Oh, girls! Since we won't be setting a date anytime soon, I've tried to stay away from this site because I just get SO excited reading about all your planning and scouring your reviews! But, the itch has hit me hard once again...perhaps since I get a summer vacation (I'm a substitute teacher). I LOVE the new packages the Royal has. They are so much easier to understand instead of the old way they were doing it. Mmm...I can just feel the relaxing luxury right now...


Can't wait to hear about all the upcoming summer weddings!!!

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Shay did such an amazing job keeping this list up! I thought I'd do an update because I'm wishing I was on it! It makes me happy to see how many of you have yours coming so soon. Sorry if I missed anyone!!!


Houston_Sunflower – June 6, 2009 -->Hope your day was incredible!!!

khowell15 - June 20, 2009

violetmal - July 4, 2009

steph - July 8, 2009

daphrenee - October 23, 2009

traceyfranzel - October 24, 2009

dcheung1111 - November 7, 2009

meli122 – November 7, 2009

jaxsebridetobe – December 2, 2009


Allison&kevin – January 8, 2010

EmenGeeRoxx - January 19, 2010

Playa2009 - February 5, 2010

kimmy44 - April 28, 2010

Steph158 - June 11, 2010

Oscar_Ernie – TBD

Aerazo (Adriana) - TBD

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Hey ladies


I am just checking in here after the last month of hecticness in my life between planning the wedding in Mexico, canceling the wedding in Mexico, re-routing the wedding to Key Largo Florida and adding in a honeymoon in Hawaii and planning it all from top to bottom. I haven't actually had the heart to check in here on a regular basis because besides being slammed with the events I also have sort of a saddness for how it all went down when reading this site. In the end our wedding happened and was beautfiful and special and the bonding that happened exceded our wildest dreams plus the fact that we got a honeymoon so I can hardly be sad about it but it surely wasn't a perfectly planned wedding or wedding day for that matter.


The night before the wedding during our rehearsal and the dinner set up for us and our 60 guest the first rain came in and hit us hard. It was literally hailing and the whole thing was drug indoors into a fairly unattractive room. I was holding it together until the driver who took us from the hut we were hiding under to avoid the lightening told us that the next day was meant to be rain all day long. I walked into the room, saw the 60 faces, the lights of the cameras and just started to cry....it was a beautiful yet sad moment that I will never live down.


The following morning I woke up and with a whole day of pampering scheduled to get me ready was hectic due to the hour to hour updates on the weather and how it was going to be throughout the day. At 3pm when I was at the salon getting my hair done by fiance called to say that he heard that our scheduled 7:30pm ceremony would likely have rain and that he just told the hotel to change the time to 5pm. He was getting my approval and spreading the news to all the guests to make the change. I agreed because the one thing I was holding onto was getting married on that beach. I had already had to move my wedding from Mexico, the rehearsal indoors with puddles of water from the leaking roof and the reception was now to be held in the ballroom...I WAS GETTING MARRIED ON THE BEACH NO MATTER WHAT DAY OR TIME :) So.....we ran home switch the timing on everything, did a mad rush to finish getting ready, changed the timing of doing the photos and walked down the aisle 2 hours later. I got the beach, I got the sun, I got the beauty of my now husband seeing me for the first time as I walked down the aisle and as Shay likes to say.....I GOT THE GUY :) It was far from perfect but it happened the way it was meant to be.

I want to thank all of you guys because during the decision making process of moving the wedding all the support I had from my fiance, family and friends didn't help me as much as all of you girls listening and chatting back and forth. I feel so awful for those who didn't get to work it out as planned because it was too late or whatever other reason things got in the way but I thank all of you for the support. I feel like I hit gold with this site even though I didn't get married at The Royal and even though I don't know any of you personally your virtual friendship got me through an exciting, memorable, challenging, frustrating and beautiful time in my life and I will be forever grateful!!

My photographer put a bunch of shots on his blog so I have pasted the link so you can all check it out.

When you get to the page scroll through the baby pictures and our photos will be posted.

Stephanie and Gabriel's wedding

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Steph- So glad to hear from you again. I'm sorry that you continued to be faced with challenges on your day. But its done, over and you are a MRS! Congrats! You pictures are just fantastic! I am so in love with your photographer! Does he do DW's or do you know him personally? Do you have an email address for him? Anyways, the picture with you and the parasol kinda twirling and looking out on the water is insane, so beautiful! And you TTD pics! Your hair is such a gorgeous color! The picture of you and your husband hugging and he looks like he is crying, that was just tearjerking for me, can I ask what was going on, was it just emotions of the day? Ok well I could go on forever, but they are just amazing! If you haven't posted a link to the in the wedding pictures thread you need to so everyone can see how wonderful your photographer is!


Good luck with everything, check back with us!

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    • we ended up using Facebook messenger when we were in Mexico - the hotel had free wifi and at least 1 person from each family/couple had FB on their phone already - it was pretty easy to communicate among guests "hey, we're heading to the beach bbq for lunch." or "everyone is hanging at the small pool today".  a plus was that some people tried to get a hold of me via FB on the day of the wedding and I was totally not checking my phone - they were asking if the wedding was outside given the rain forecast, thankful my mom, MOH and a few other friends were on the group and could respond for me :) 
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    • Hi Everyone, So, I was cleaning out my closet and realized that I never sold off my extra wedding OOT bag stuff from our wonderful DW.   46 Daily Spanish for Dummies 30 Pool colored OOT fabric bags - approximately 13in x 13in. They lay flat.  I used them for our wedding and they were perfect for everything we needed to fit in each bag. There’s a slight shade variation in the group; I’m guessing some were cut from a different bolt of fabric.  They are also a little wrinkled from storage and will probably be wrinkled from shipping. I have three additional ones, but they somehow got something on them (likely toddler related). If needed, I can try to wash it out and send those as well. 
    • I’m getting married in six months to my foreign girlfriend. I was advised by a friend that one of the things I need to do before saying I do is to get a prenuptial agreement. Basically it’s supposed to protect my assets and properties in case my relationship with my future wife goes down the drain. I don’t know though if this is an acceptable practice when marrying Kiev ladies. I don’t want to do it if it would be insulting on her end. I need advice on this. Please help me.
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