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How long did you date before enagaged?

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Originally Posted by Jingles202 View Post
Ladies Ladies Ladies....my fiance and I have been dating 10 years....and it will be 11 going on 12 when we get married....I rest my case.....ROFL!
Yup this is my case almost 10 years and counting lol(still waiting on a ring!)

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Wow, we might have the record for the shortest time! We got engaged 5 months after we started dating, and our wedding day will be the first year anniversary of when we met. I've previously been married, and shied away from any commitment until I met the man who is perfect for me. We knew it within the first 2 weeks of dating. We are both in our mid-30's and know exactly what we are looking for - and we've finally found it!!!


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I may have you beat on having the shortest time lol! We started dating in July and got engaged in October. Our wedding is set for August of this year...2009. We had known each other for about 2years prior (I was his hairstylist). But, that doesn't really work for his advantage because as all of you girls know, you tend to gossip at the salon....so all of the "going out" and girl stories that I know about him actually came from his mouth, so he can't really back peddal too much to change stories up. lol But, after going to a concert in Boston Mass together on our first official date, we have never spent a day apart.

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