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I let go of my wedding party...

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Last week, I posted a thread about my bm's and attire. Well not only are the bm's giving my problems, the best man is acting a butt. Seem to be that the wedding party have issues with the airfare, because it's $$. They make smart comments as if I don't have to pay for a airline ticket. So FI and decided to let the wedding party go. At this point I don't need them to feel obligated to attend because we asked them. It's not worth disolving a friendship over a $$ airline ticket. I gave everyone enough time to prepare their $ for the money. It's heartbreaking to me and fi that the wedding party and other guest make comments about things I have no control. Of course this will come as a shock to them, but less stress for me.

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Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Good for you! You don't need any extra drama and if that's what the party has become I say you made the right choice :)
I agree with Starchild...if they were adding all that extra stress you dont need, then you both made the right decisions. We too are having a few problems with the groomsmen, I wish we would've picked a smaller wedding party (but this is FIs fault). Best of luck to you; your wedding day will be memorable and special with or without them! wink.gif
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