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Any Azul Beach wedding reviews?

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I'm getting married at the Azul in April 2009, I haven't ever been to the hotel or in fact Mexico but I just fell in love with the place with the photos/reviews I found on the internet. If you do get any information I'd love it if you could let me know. There are a few reviews of weddings on Trip Advisor.


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I was hoping that there would be some Azul Brides popping in. Azul is our #1 choice. We are going on a site visit next month and I hope to fall in love with it so we can get on with the planning.

Here is a good resource with a few slideshows and reviews of weddings. Find a Mexican Resort - AZUL Beach Hotel, by Karisma - StrayWeddings.com - Destination Weddings in Mexico


There also is an Azul Bride group on Facebook, sadly it's not very active. But it can't hurt to keep checking every now and then.

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Did you do a search on here? there was some discussion a while back about a number of issues with outside photogs - apparently they have an extremely strict policy that they do not allow outside photogs (or the fee is like $500 bucks) .. Just thought I would throw that in!

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Azul is my first choice, also.. and I am absolutely heart broken about their photographer policy.


It would be okay if they had a GOOD photographer that they required you to use.. but the horrible website they sent me to.. I could take better pictures than that - and I usually cut people's heads off!!!


I'm just sick to find all of this out...

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