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When will it stop ! *Pics*

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#31 DreamsTulumBride

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    Posted 08 March 2008 - 08:32 PM

    Originally Posted by twelve_piece
    OMG! I don't know what I would do. When we get even a threat of snow or ice in Atlanta all the schools close, people don't go to work, and stock up on bread and bottled water! It's actually pretty pathetic. How long has it been like that?
    Since the end of NOVEMBER !!!! The 1st snow storm was at the ewnd of November and while I was getting married in December at Dreams Tulum, Montreal has a huge snow storm (45 cm). My inlaw were stuck at the airport and they had to stay somewhere in the states for 2 days since no plane where going to Montreal ! ! So, this is why it's been a bizarre winter ! The last time I remember have this much snow for the whole winter season must of been when I was 20 or 22 (I am 32 now)!

    #32 DreamsTulumBride

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      Posted 08 March 2008 - 08:37 PM

      Here is the morning vs evening picture of my driveway light which is about 6 feet high!

      Click the image to open in full size.

      Click the image to open in full size.

      #33 Jenn79

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        Posted 08 March 2008 - 08:49 PM

        Originally Posted by DreamsTulumBride
        Where abouts in MTL are you?

        I live in Hudson (a very small town) - 30 minutes form Ontario (Hawkesbury)

        Thanks for the complment on my house ! We built it 4 years ago and I love the area (lots of children but a very quiet area)
        Friends of mine used to live in Hudson, I love it there. Very pretty town!

        I feel your snow pain, Ottawa has been in the thrawls of a snow dump all day. I'm on the fifth floor of a condo unit, and my balcony is almost half full of snow on one side...I'm not even sure how that is possible, since there is an overhang over the balcony itself, and the railing has 6inch holes all around like a fence.

        I know one thing...I miss the beach!!!
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        #34 MelissaH

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          Posted 08 March 2008 - 09:41 PM


          I just went to shovel again...since the last time I shovelled (around 5pm) the snow has once again made it's way up to my front porch...I can't even see the step...you can't tell where my front porch ends and where the garden in front of it begins.

          Stupid ass me decided to move the car to do the other half of the driveway...I got stuck at the end of it, blocking half the road (which doesn't really matter at this point because no one can get up or down it anyway). I had to go get 3 of my neighbours to help push me back up the driveway.

          I'm not going out again until tomorrow :)

          #35 Yari

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            Posted 08 March 2008 - 09:45 PM

            Dang that is brutal!

            I wouldn't know what to do.

            #36 Helen_S81

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              Posted 08 March 2008 - 09:48 PM

              Originally Posted by MelissaH

              I'm not going out again until tomorrow :)
              That's been my philosophy all day. I haven't stepped foot outside. I figured I'll start digging out first thing tomorrow morning when it's supposed to be sunny. Hopefully one of the neighbours will feel sorry for me and do ours with a snow blower. We've always figured we didn't need one but after this winter I think we're going to rethink that.

              #37 MelissaH

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                Posted 08 March 2008 - 09:50 PM

                I think next winter we'll invest in one for sure. I don't mind shovelling little bits, but this is just ridiculous!

                #38 dragonfly

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                  Posted 08 March 2008 - 09:55 PM

                  I have to say the one thing this snow storm has done has brought the neighbours together:) I live in a brand new neighbourhood so no one really knows anyone. Shovelling brings everyone outside, and pushing the cars that keep getting stuck have brought all neighbours running, there are real bounding moments when you are all out to help one another out. Hey I had to find a positive spin on this to get through another day, didn't I :)

                  And I am so proud of my son Timothy he has just shoveled his 5th driveway, he just walked up and down the street and shovelled for anyone who didn't have their driveway done, he just did it out of the goodness of his heart, what a great kid eh!!!!

                  #39 MelissaH

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                    Posted 08 March 2008 - 10:04 PM

                    It's true - the only time the people on my street really help each other out (or socalize at all) is when it snows!

                    Good job, Timothy! Want to send him out my way? hehe

                    #40 saraece

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                      Posted 08 March 2008 - 10:06 PM

                      Here in Ottawa we are getting 50 cm. The big problem is there is no where to put the snow. The banks are taller then us. Today I thought I would run to the video store so we can watch the lat few dvd's of 24. I went out took 10 minutes digging out the van, another 10 minutes backing up out of the driveway and getting stuck and after my Fi and a neighbor took another 25 minutes to get me out I pulled right back in and decided to not go out again till spring! lol
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