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When will it stop ! *Pics*

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SO again, this morning there was more snow... I haven't seen a winter like this in many years ! And to top it off, they said on the news to expect another 10-20 cm of snow today. By the way, I have 6 steps in from of my door (my house is on a hill), you do not see them since I took the picture from the road. But that just tells you how much snow there is! There is also a 5 feet trellis under the railing that you do not see because of all the snow!


Here are a few pictures taken this morning while I was out with the dog. Look closely at the light post near the street... I hope we won't get to the point where we do not see it anymore!



UPDATED PICTURES FURTHER DOWN (pages 3 and 4)!!! 10 hours later... we are having a real blizzard !

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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we've gotten the bottom end of all your storms this winter, very little snow, but tons of rain with this one and the last few were all ice. I cannot imagine if all this rain was snow, I wouldn't leave the house.

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