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My Wedding at the Sunset Grande

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Congrats and welcome back! Your pictures look perfect!


Do you mind giving a detailed review of the resort? What you loved, what you liked, anything you didnt like? We get tons of reviews for Ocho Rios, so it's nice to here about other resorts in Jamaica.

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What can I say, you look fab!


I too am getting married at Sunset Jamaica Grande on 11th April 2008 (34 days)


Cant wait to read your review.


How many people did you have at your wedding?

(there are 8 of us altogether)

Did you have an evening reception?

Did you upgrade your flowers from wedding package?

Was Esther your wedding coordinator?

Did you get your dress pressed in Jamaica?

Did you get your room upgraded as per wedding package?

Did you have hair and make up done at the spa?


So sorry for all the questions, just getting a tiny bit nervous now, ha ha.


Thanks again for sharing your pic's (you can never see too many wedding pics)



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We had a total of 25 people.

We did the Pure Elegance which states cocktails for 20 people which included h'orderve's which I was not aware of until we reached our reception site. We had the reception above the north bar. I did not upgrade my bouquet.

Esther was the wedding co-ordinator she was wonderful. I did have my dress pressed at the resort instead of having it done before I went. I did have the spa do my hair but before I went I had my hair dresser do a trail run and we took pictures, they did my hair from the pictures and did a great job.

We had the wedding in the gazebo over the ocean it was beautiful. We did not get a room upgrade but we did'nt spend much time in our room we had 25 people with us. We did extend our vacation an extra 4 nights and stayed at the Sandals Inn which was wonderful. Relax and enjoy your wedding day! Pook2b if you have anymore questions just let me know.

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