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What would your budget be for...

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I am helping out a planner friend and have a question for you if you don't mind answering.

If you were going away to be married - and were going to have about 10 or less guests (or no guests) what would you estimate your max budget to be for these things:



Ceremony Location Fee


Bouquet and Boutonniere

Some flowers on location

Good photographer and album

Small Cake

Champagne Toast

License/Registration/etc Fees Taken care of


(Airfare and lodging not included.)


What would be the max you would pay if these things were taken care of for you, no stress or research on your part, and all you had to do was send a check and show up?

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Our wedding package for up to 10 people including bride and groom includes everything you mentioned plus dinner, but does not include extra bouquets (bride's is included) and photog is around $2600 (extra people are additional). Ceremony is not legal. I have seen some cheaper and some more expensive, but I think somewhere in that range is reasonable.

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I said 5000 or less - our wedding package is free and there is a champagne toast for us included after the ceremony - up to 4 bottles - so I think that will be more than enough - also the cake is $65 for 15 people or less so I figured that in as well - we are trying not to go overboard with the extra's - I have included the most $$ photography package b/c that is not something I want to scrimp on - hope this helps!

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Ohhh...I meant to add...this would not be at an all inclusive resort. It would be different places/areas (places where there are no AIs) where the average person would have to go do a lot of trouble to find out what they would need to do to get married and to round up officiants, figure out licensing, etc.


I'm not sure if that would make a difference to you - but thought I would mention that.

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