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Any other cruise brides out there?

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Originally Posted by sm316217 View Post
Still Iâ€m super excited and I have been working so hard to make everything so perfect. Iâ€m planning a scavenger hunt for my guest on our first day at sea as a “get to know everyone†type event. Iâ€m working on our OOT bags and got the cutest bags from Bath and Body at the outlet mall for 75% off. I love a deal.
Hi Everyone!

I'm a cruise bride getting married while in the port of Key West in Aug 2009.

I had also though of doing a Scavenger Hunt for the guest during our day at sea... would actually like to do a photo scavenger hunt. Have you figured out how you are doing the scavenger hunt, yet? Just curious what your ideas were.


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Hello Ladies. I'm kinda a cruise bride. I'm getting married in St Thomas, while cruising the Carnival Freedom. We actually decided on an 8 day cruise. We're really early in our planning. We are working with a private WC Janelle Scott and we hope that we can stay within our budget. We plan to have a cocktail party for the group on embarkation day. Could someone please forward me the info on the scavenger hunt I think that'd be a fun idea.


Thanks Ashley!!!

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I looked at the scavenger hunt and it seems perfect for the wedding day but have you found one that can be used on the shiphuh.gif I'm thinking of making one specific to the ship. The Carnival freedom seems to have many statue of liberty heads used as decor so I may have (for example) take a pic of a statue of liberty head, take a pic of the supper club, cigar bar etc etc. This"ll help ppl get to learn the ship early on... What do you thinkhuh.gif I'm planning to have a get together cocktail party on embarkation day so the group can present their finds at this party!!!

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The only other one I found was this one:

Re: photo scavenger hunt in OOT bag?




The list so far, keep the ideas coming!


1. Sweet pic of groom/bride

2. Speedo gone wrong

3. Best real dance face

4. Mimic a statue or fountain

5. Do exactly what the sign says (any sign)

6. Capture a reflection of yourself

7. “I canâ€t believe we all fit in here!â€

8. A pic of a guy with a mullet

9. Someone you donâ€t know holding hands

10. A spelling mistake on a sign

11. Are you really going to wear that?

12. Someone sleeping where they shouldnâ€t be

13. “What the heck is this?â€

14. Girls just wanna have fun!

15. Cannon Ball!

16. Get a room...

17. Raccoon eyes

18. Hungry? (someone stuffing their face)

19. Boys will be boys

20. 80's bangs

21. Spell something using people (this would be a fun one while drinking!)

22. Something big (I like open-ended ones like this for the creative people!)

23. "oh my!"

24. Sand castle

25. Bad hair day

26. Bride and Grooms true colors

27. What I want to be when I grow up

28. How did he/she do that?

29. Why

30. How romantic

31. Share the road (probably relevant in Mexico and Jamaica)

32. Best Dancer

33. Worst Dancer

34. Someone who doesn't know you are watching them

35. Are those real? (could be flowers, boobs, ...)

36. Someone looking bored

37. Your silliest face

38. Bride enjoying a cocktail

39. Groom enjoying a drink

40. Bride and her maids up to something


Some of the ideas are cute and you could pick the ones more tailored to the cruise... some other ideas off the top of my head for a Carnival cruise would be pic of the flute (is that what the call it? The big thing on the back of all their ships). Another idea is to look up your ship on the carnival website and use the ship highlights to guise your list. HTH!

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Another cruise bride here! Carnival Inspiration out of Tampa on October 1. We've got about 70 people coming to the wedding/reception on the day of sailing, and then about 30 of them staying on to sail with us to Cancun. We're so excited!


So far this seems like an awesome way to do things...very stress free as far as planning big events go.


I am working on a scavenger hunt for the first day of sailing. I may use some of the above ideas, but am leaning toward something that involves getting my guests to meet eachother. I'll post again when I get something together...

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I've been combining ideas from other posts to come up with a scavenger hunt ice breaker for my cruise guests. I'm thinking of handing out these challenges on the first night at dinner and then having people present them the next night (since these are the times we're all most likely to be together). The first one I realize seems strange...it will make sense to a lot of my guests!


Wedding Cruise Scavenger Hunt


___Find a crew member that speaks another language. Get him to translate this sentence into his/her native tongue ("Have you seen my puppy? He is the one with the large moustache.").


___Find the group member (other than a family member) who has known the bride the longest. Get an autograph and learn a new fact about that person.


___Find the group member (other than a family member) who has known the groom the longest. Get an autograph and learn a new fact about that person.


___Get the names of people staying directly across from you and where they are from.


___Get some currency from a different country.


___Get a Bingo Card.


___Find the person in the group who has been on the most cruises.


___Find the couple who has been married the longest (anyone on ship). Get their signatures and their wedding date, along with a piece of marital advice for the new bride and groom.


___Find the person in the group who can play the most musical instruments.


___Find a person in the group who has the strangest or most unique talent.


___ Find the person in the group with the most siblings.


___ Find the person in the group who came the farthest to be here.


___ Without asking the bride or groom for help, get signatures of all group members who have lived with the bride at some point in her life.


___ Find a group member who has lived in Florida for his/her whole life.

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