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Funjet Price Hike (maybe Apple too)

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The short version: My guests have to pay their trip in full by March 19th, or they will owe an extra $21 for an increased fuel surcharge. Not a big deal. Payments were due by April 30th anyway.


Longer version:

Fuel costs have gone up dramatically over the past few weeks and are

projected to continue to increase. Funjet Vacations is now compelled to

pass on this additional cost. Effective today, for all new bookings the

fuel surcharge for most Charter and Value Flights has increased by $21 per

person. Existing bookings that are paid in full or that have the Penalty

Waiver or Complete Coverage options will not be impacted. Customers with

existing individual or group bookings that do not meet those criteria can

avoid this increase by providing full payment for their reservation by March

19, 2008. Reservations not paid in full by that date will receive the fuel

surcharge increase. Charter and Value Flight airlines affected by this

increase include American Trans Air, AeroMexico, Champion, Frontier

Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Ryan International Airlines, Sun Country

Airlines, and USA3000.

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