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Cheap Flights Yapta Website


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Has anyone heard of yapta(Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant). Yapta - Track Airfares, Save Money I heard it on the radio this morning driving to work. It tracks prices for flights.


Here is an article about it:

How-to-Get-Money-Back-When-Airfares-Drop: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance


Seems like a great way to save, but of course as the article notes: as soon as the airlines see a spike in refunds they will probably change their policy.

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I read about it in money magazine. I was so excited to check it out, but was dissapointed. The fees to get a price change are so high I could never see a time it's worth it. They are like $100-$150. Some airlines don't have big fees so it's worth checking it out. They just weren't airlines I ever fly.

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