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i can def. tell in #1


love #2 though, it looks natural

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Originally Posted by Nrvsbride View Post
Personally I like the 1st one better b/c the water is lighter and it gives off a fun, soothing, feeling. But is there anyway you could remove the chairs? I think the chairs makes it look a little busy. If you didn't have the chairs and just kept the rest I think the first one would look great. But that's just my opinion. Even if you use the second one I like both of them very much!

100% agree. Unless your wedding colors are darker, then I would do the bottom one since it has a darker ocean and sand.

Also you can get the FREE (100) on www.vistaprint.com. Well you might have to pay a little to upload your image, we didn't because I used MY pic but THEIR font. Just google "free vistaprint postcards" and check out the links.

Here are mine:
Click the image to open in full size.

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