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had to share this with you all. talk about a gorgeous sunset. i was trying to time all the family photos and everything so that id have the sun setting when it was time for the wedding couple. i got so lucky considering that it was just going down and the clouds looked so amazing at that exact moment.


i still have some photoshopping to do.


*EDIT*.... k so if you want to see the online gallery including the underwater pics....go to

Collages.net Home and username "kristen greg" and username is 15095 and when it asks for an email make one up...

NOW... this was kind of a party crowd wedding so they really just wanted lots of party photos...


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by LadyP View Post
very beautiful. Only one came up though. Is that it.?
ha ha! We are a group of photo whores!

It's so beautiful. It's great to have a photographer like you that takes the time to photoshop things like rails.

I got a photoshop action that makes a faux sunset. Yeah, not as good. Actually not really that good at all unless it's just the right picture.
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