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What my husband would/wound't change

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Here is his top of mind three things I would definitely do and three that didn't matter so much (he didn't totally follow directions, but this is exactly what he said)...


Definitely do:

1) Firedancers

2) Waiting to see my bride walk down the aisle was one of my favorite memories

3) Big on the entertainment vs. other things like the food and flowers - I remember fireworks and firedancers, but not the food and I'm usually very picky about food. If you're thinking of spending $600 more in food vs. getting firedancers, I'd go for the firedancers

4) go barefoot on the beach - go casual all the way - if your guests wear shorts, all the better. It's so hot there no matter what you do, you want your guests to feel like they're on vacation

5) go a few days before so you can spend time with people and get in a groove. At least two nights before.


Didn't matter so much/would do differently:

1) Stay a day or two later to spend time with people (we left on Sunday at 1 and our wedding was on Saturday).


I don't know - it went really well - there's not much that I can think of that I would change.


Ladies - what about your husbands?

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steve would probably:


NOT change:

  • seeing me walk down the aisle
  • all the events we had planned (welcome dinner etc.)
  • having our meals with our guests (breakfast, lunch by the pool, dinner)


  • he would probably skip out on deep sea fishing. a few friends were hung over and got seasick and it was alot of $$ and i think he would have preferred to surf.
  • not taken the dancing class i made him do. the instructor was kooky and steve absolutely would not do the dance she horeographed for us (even though it was over the top)

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i will ask my husband tomorrow. hes already asleep.


as we were planning everything i knew he would have been totally fine with just going to vegas and skipping the bigger wedding with everyone in palm springs. during the reception we were dancing and he looked at me and said "im so glad you made me do this." it was really funny. i know he wouldnt change doing the bigger wedding with friends and family. but i will ask him what he would/wouldnt change about that day/wedding.

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My husby said "I wouldn't change much of anything"


He said he would have changed some of the music by our DJ (to have more slow songs)


He would definitely do again:

Zip Line (shoot I still never did a thread on this!)

Cabo Surf Hotel

La Panga

he would let me do all the work again (jk! jk!)


No really, I think he was just happy to relax and chill out with his friends, and not have to worry about a thing.

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Originally Posted by leigh miller View Post
sorry my husbands no help.

he couldnt think of anything he would change.

and what he wouldnt change "the wife."
That is too cute!

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