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Bermuda Hotels


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After posting some of my favourite general links, I thought I would include links to the hotels and lodging available on the island. Believe it or not, this isn't all of them, but it is pretty darn close!


Southampton Princess

Bermuda Resorts: The Fairmont Southampton Hotel & Resort


Hamilton Princess

Bermuda Hotels: The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda


Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach Club Resort - Bermuda luxury hotel by Mandarin Oriental


Coco Reef

Coco Reef Resort Bermuda


9 Beaches (now has an all inclusive option, has cottages on stilts over the water)



The Reefs



Pompano Beach Club

Pompano Beach Club, Southampton, Bermuda


Grotto Bay (previously the only all-inclusive resort on the island)



Coral Beach Club

Coral Beach Club


The Waterloo House

Waterloo House - Hamlton, Bermuda


Cambridge Beaches (adults only resort, guest cottages)

Bermuda Vacation, Bermuda Hotel, Bermuda Resort, Bermuda Vacation Package, Luxury Spa Vacation


Ariel Sands (owned by Michael Douglas)

Ariel Sands


The Four Ways Inn

Four Ways Inn Bermuda - four ways inn, restaurants bermuda, bermuda restaurants, hotels bermuda, bermuda hotels,fine dining bermuda, weddings bermuda, cottages bermuda, bermuda weddings, honeymoons bermuda, bermuda honeymoons


Grape Bay Hotel

Grape Bay Beach Club


The Harmony Club

Harmony Club Bermuda


Surfside Resort

Surf Side Bermuda



Welcome to Rosedon Hotel Bermuda


The Pink Beach Club

Pink Beach


Willowbank (heavy Christian influence)

Willowbank Hotel and Resort of Bermuda


The St. George's Club



Here is a GREAT website, it lists the different rental properties available on the island, probably the most affordable way to stay on the island (ideal for honeymoon or private vacations)


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