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Help me pick my monogram for my BM gifts...

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hi girls!


i decided to go with customized spa robes for my bridesmaids. they are going to be a Kimono style waffle spa robe (in white). i am going to have them monogrammed in teal and trying to decide between the following 2 choices:

  1. first names (first letter will be large and the name running through it)
  2. initials
the reason i am questioning this is that i have 7 girls:

3 are married (1 may be leaving her husband)

3 are single

1 is engaged

i am concerned about getting initials as their last names may change in the next couple of years!


What do you think? popcorn.gif


UPDATE: i decided to go with the first names. thanks for all the input. i will post pics when they are done :)

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I would go with first names. I like how initials look monogrammed, but I had the same sort of issue when I got my BMs personalized totes - 3 are not yet married and 1 doesn't have a middle initial; so I decided to get first names.

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Originally Posted by carly View Post
I voted for first names. Perhaps it is cuz when I was little, my name wasn't common, but I love having stuff with my name on it! Plus the problem that you mentioned with names possibly changing in mongrams...
I ditto all of this exactly!
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thanks for all the feedback! i am going to go with the first names.


i am going to have them do their first initial in the dark blue color we are using in our logo and then the name in a smaller font across the large initial in the teal color from our logo.


then i am going to wrap each one in a huge satin teal ribbon and put a custom hang tag. i am also thinking about having them shipped directly to my WC in Hawaii b/c i think 7 robes would take up 1 suitcase - the only bad part about that is no pics until i get there LOL

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