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Carly -

I know that you posted this a long time ago, but I had one question about your invitation jackets. I found the envelopes, but from what I understand, you folded paper to create the jackets. Is this correct? I have looked all over the paperpresentation.com website, and I cannot seem to find those jackets anywhere. I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question.. I just loved your invitations & I want to copy them! Thank you in advance!

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Hi Stephanie, sorry I didn't notice your question earlier...


I bought regular sized paper (8 x 11 or whatever it is), then I folded it in thirds and manually cut out the triangle window-type thing that made it appear a pocket. I did post a sample template somewhere, but obviously not in this post! I have no idea why not cuz that woulda made sense. I will see if I can find it and post it later.

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