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July '08 NEWLYWEDS chat!

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#231 katrina


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    Posted 13 May 2008 - 06:33 PM

    ok, so i literally JUST found out that 2 more people are coming! and they were not included in the 6 i mentioned above... eeekkk.

    #232 amyh


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      Posted 13 May 2008 - 09:52 PM

      Originally Posted by Cole5worm
      Those photos are super cute! I want to do what you are doing but i feel like the wedding will not be a "special" if i know i was already married.. does that sound stupid..I dn't know... then i don't want to have to wait 3-9 months for my offical wedding lience!

      ahh who knows..
      Not really. We are having our legal ceremony this friday at 9:30 am. I am getting up, getting ready, drive to the court house, get married, go back to work. Haha! Hans is taking me to dinner, but that's it. Just another day for us :)

      #233 Copita

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        Posted 14 May 2008 - 08:15 AM

        Originally Posted by Maura
        nicole, i dont think getting the legal stuff done before you go takes away from the wedding at all. my FI said he views the civil ceremony as just a formality... he said its "not real" (even though legally it is) until we have god's blessing.
        ITA with your FI here. The blessing is what makes it "special" to me. :) Hooray!
        I still need to
        -burn a CD for in between our band's sets of music
        -get shoes for my dress, and have the length altered
        -favor bags & gold ribbon. I will order those today. :) Sweet.

        I thi nk that is the most of it. :) Yay!

        #234 Maura


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        Posted 14 May 2008 - 11:31 AM

        Originally Posted by katrina
        for the civil ceremony:
        -need to find location do you have a park with a gazebo anywhere nearby?
        -need to figure out who we're inviting keep it simple, parents and siblings only, maybe a best friend or two if necessary as witnesses
        -need cute dress! i can help with that, how much are you looking to spend? i have a white dress radar lately

        for the symbolic:
        -finish cds
        -finish info packets and mail
        -moh dresses still need to be altered
        -fi's ring needs to be engraved
        -my ring needs to be dipped again thanks for reminding me, i need to do this too
        -finalize table decor
        -make placecards can you print them on the computer?
        -make seating chart make it easier
        -final hair trial now that i have a veil dont forget to take photos from every angle and then print them in color to show the stylist doing your hair at the DW
        -figure out how we're getting to the airport
        -who's watching our cats

        two things are annoying me though. i really wanted petals thrown at us after the ceremony, but i just found out the resort won't allow fakes. i don't really like any other options and i don't want to pay for real. so i guess it's just one less thing for me to buy now. yeah i hear you. i want aisle petals and the resort wants to charge a shit ton of money for them. theyre freakin rose petals. since some of our flowers are being shipped in from mexico city, we may just order another 2 dozen roses or something and have one of my BMs tear the petals off, then keep them in the fridge in the room.

        the other thing is that there are 6 people who still have not rsvp'd. normally i would call them. but we're like 99% that they are not coming because these are the 6 people who think it's a bad idea. so... right now we're kind of avoiding calling.. which is not really a good idea either. i don't want it to bite us in the ass later! but i also don't want to open old wounds since we know they are anti-our wedding. seeing as you just had 2 surprise guests not incl in the 6 here, you should really just shoot them an email and say something to the effect of: hey, i have to give the caterer the final head count on friday. since you haven't rsvp'd, i am assuming that means you aren't coming, but just need to confirm because once we give the caterer the head count on friday, there is no changing it.


        also, we have 8 weekends left (holy hell). of those 8 weekends, 5 of them are totally out because of 2 weddings, a bachelorette party, my own shower and party, and our civil ceremony. it's sneaking up SO fast.

        what about you maura? did you finalize a location for the civil?
        ahhh i hear you about the weekends... no, still no civil ceremony location finalized. i have to check in with our building manager on next friday to see if he knows a more definite timeline for the completion of the rooftop deck walkway. i told him i could only hold off on finalizing my plans until june 1st at the very latest, at which time if we cant confirm the rooftop, then we will just do it in our living room as a backup plan. so annoying though because i cant print our invites for that until we know about the roof.

        #235 ACDCDCAC

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        Posted 14 May 2008 - 02:18 PM

        Originally Posted by Maura
        so annoying though because i cant print our invites for that until we know about the roof.
        that's exactly what i was thinking. not cool!

        last night i finally got something REAL done! this weekend i cut all the invite mat paper, and the squares for the closure part (and punched the little palm trees out of one color of squares), to size, and last night i got that part all adhered to the pocketfolder. tomorrow i am gonna go to kinkos and color copy our invite cards onto our cardstock (faster and cheaper than printing at home, i've discovered!) and then spend an hour cutting them to size and adhering the card to the mat that's already in the pocketfolder. tomorrow i'm also gonna finish the inserts, map & directions (thanks jay!!), etc. and hopefully get those copied and cut as well. then for the invites, all i have to do is wait for the wallet prints we ordered of our engagement pics from photog to stick inside, and mail them!

        we should have had these out by last saturday the 10th at the latest, but i'm running behind. SOOOO glad i did STD's, so at least people are expecting the invite soon!

        i'll post pics when i'm done, SO close! that will really feel good to get that accomplished. the invite part has been harder and more mentally time consuming than anything else so far!

        #236 Copita

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          Posted 15 May 2008 - 08:56 AM

          ^^ Invites were a major headache for me as well! I couldn't find any at all that I liked for the longest and had no skills to make any! LOL. You're so lucky that you're crafty! :)

          #237 MoonPalacePookie

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            Posted 15 May 2008 - 01:26 PM

            Well it looks like my wedding planning has come to a screetching halt. Everything that needs to be done either depends on having a final head count (which at this point is like, as my mom says, nailing jello to a tree) or needed to talk to my MIA WC.

            Still Need to Do:
            Finish table numbers project
            Buy GMs gifts
            Finish personalized napkins
            Purchase rocks and floating candles for centerpieces
            Purchase Favors
            Find music
            Talk to WC (was supposed to be assigned at 3 months, still MIA) regarding ceremony music (harpist), dinner menu, reception decorations, table sizes, etc.
            Figure out a way to pack everything
            Of that, the only thing I have done is purchase all groomsmen gifts. On a happy note, we're taking my parents out to dinner tonight to give them their "thank you" gift. I think they're going to love it.
            Robert & Eugenia

            July 23, 2008

            #238 Copita

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              Posted 16 May 2008 - 08:58 AM

              Oh, gosh, guys, we are getting closer and closer to our dates! AHHHH!!!

              #239 Cole5worm

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                Posted 16 May 2008 - 12:06 PM

                Okay so besides little stuff for the bags that my mom is taking care of ... My FI and I just but our last bit of $$ in our savings account and booked our hotel for the Park n' Fly for the night before we leave! I am pretty much done...

                Big left to do
                find a corst
                buy cloths

                Besides this if i don't get the rest done.. oh well!

                I can't wait... soo ladies we are going to be in digest not months!!!!!!!

                #240 Maura


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                Posted 16 May 2008 - 03:27 PM

                *CONGRATULATIONS MRS. AMY*

                I just remembered you were having your civil ceremony this morning when I saw your gchat message just now! How'd it go? Any photos?

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