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Centerpiece change of plan - opinions

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This is long - read to end please:

So my colors are turquoise, flame red, and dark brown. My bridesmaid dresses are most likely dark brown (they prefer that over flame red, although I ordered both to see first, and I couldn't find the right turquoise). So I was looking to my centerpieces for the turquoise and red elements.


My florist said she could get me square turquoise vases, and I was thinking of having 2 flowers of different textures in a flame red in them, similar to one of these centerpieces, but without the bow. Flowers such as red torch ginger and flame red tulips, since red protea pincushion aren't available in Mexico and I don't know if I want to go thru the hassle of buying them here and shipping them down and then having them not show up or something.:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


However, I also sent my florist this photo below, and she liked it the best. (note, my tables are round). She suggested ginger, red tulips, some leafy something, and a glass vase with turquoise water and a floating candle:

Click the image to open in full size.


So I have a few questions:

Is this going to be enough turquoise?

note: My venue may wrap the napkins in a turquoise ribbon, to help a little.


Is this going to be enough candlelight?

note: I was originally planning on having turquoise glass candle holders around the centerpiece (which the florist would supply or I would bring)

OR I could have small clear glasses filled with sand and a tealight, which my venue includes in my package - but I fear that will be too much going on?


Speaking of too much going on - my venue also includes 2 conch shells - is this too much and does it take away from the modern vibe?


The venue is on the beach in a rustic brown wood palapa --> Al Cielo Hotel A Charming Small Beachfront Hotel Xpu Ha Beach Riviera Maya Mexico


I could buy the turquoise vases separately and my venue will put red gladiolus in them, but I'm not sure how that could possibly work since gladiolus are so tall.


This was my original inspiration:

Click the image to open in full size.

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if cost isn't really an issue and you don't have to go with the venues free stuff...then:

i like your original idea best and it seems to me the florist's favorite seems to have less turqoise overall. so I'd go with the turqoise square vase filled with two different types of red flowers and then you can scatter some tealights around it for additional glow. if you went a step further and put those tealights in turqoise votive holders, there will be PLENTY of turqoise, but i don't think its absolutely necessary.


could you use the conch shells elsewhere? maybe on the cake table or as a border for the stairs to the beach or something? imo, it'd be overkill to have them as part of the centerpiece.


all said though, every option sounds beautiful so i'm sure whatever you finally decide on will be perfect.


good luck!!!

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thanks - ok so i think you're right and in my mind even tho the wood centerpieces are cool they are a little too zen-y for me, and not enough beachy-vibe.


i just fear that the florist won't do what i want for the turquoise square - i fear she won't make them modern looking enough like i asked (she keeps pushing twds the messy look with lots of green stuff), but i guess i can take my chances.

i can skip the conch shells altogether - tho the stairs idea is good.

you're right that the turquoise candle holders might be overkill? i wonder if little glasses with the sand and tea-lights the venue provides will look ok or messy too. i'd rather not lug more stuff down.

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