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Hi! I am a Dreams Cancun bride as well. We are getting married January 25, 2008. I find Claudia to be a bit slow too, but very helpful and flexible. I think that the "mexico time" is definitely a true factor in destination wedding planning, but don't worry, she really is on top of things. We went on a scouting trip, watched 2 weddings and everything went very smooth. The first was at 3 and the second 5. Both were nice, but my Fi and I preferred dusk for our wedding. 5:00 was too late in our opinion because it ended up being pitch black but we loved the gazebo and walkway all lite up. We decided to do 4:30. So it's dusk and the lights are on, but you can still appreciate the beautiful scene. Just a note...we went to Dreams in the first week of December and are getting married in January, when it gets darker much earlier. As far as reception spots. You can use "the Garden" which is a nice grassy area on the side of the gazebo (really not a garden in my opinion, but thats what they call it), and they have the spa area, which is really nice. There is a fountain and it is really private but you can't use it until 6:30 -7:00 (when the spa closes). They also will do it on the Tower deck area...which is right behind the gazebo. Other than that...you of course have the beach. We are going to do our reception inside because we are going to have a later wedding and it does get chilly at night in January and it will be less stressful for us as far as worrying about weather and stuff.

If you are interested in seeing pics of all the spots...email me your email address and I'll email them to you (I have no idea how to post them here).

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