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Annoyed with Fiesta Americana...they won't get back to me!!

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I just had to vent because I have already had to deal w/ like 3 coordinators there and this one was responding really quick and then lately it takes her at least a week to get back to me and the response is usually after I send her a second email!!


So we are ready to sign our contract for food/beverage and I have sent her everything and am just waiting for her to send me what I need to read and sign and answer a couple questions. That was 2 weeks ago!!! I sent her a follow up one with a couple more questions because I didn't want it to seem like I am being pushy but come on now! 2 weeks!!!! I don't think so! My wedding is in less than 3 months!!!!


I guess i am going to have to call mexico today and get crazy!!! It annoys me because I prefer everything over email!!! UGH!


Sorry, just had to vent!

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I must be horribly demanding... If I don't hear back from the WCs in 2 days, I call.


And when I call, they always get back to me. I wonder if there's just a sense that e-mail means it's a lower priority.


The good news is that I have a Vonage phone and don't have to pay for my calls to Mexico...


So Michelle, if you want, I can conference you to your TA in Mexico via my phone - it'll save you a few $$.

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