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What's your new last name going to be?

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Originally Posted by edna View Post
Well basically I am not changing mine because in Mexico we just add it, I will be Edna Mora de Iga ...
edna, i am considering doing this both legally and socially since we obviously have a lot of friends (and family) in mexico who will know me as maura ___de hernández. i like that it allows me to still keep my maiden name, which i have to keep professionally anyway. i go back and forth almost every day about what to do. if i should do de hernández, if i should leave out my maiden name legally and just be maura hernández or what. my american friends will probably just call me maura hernández no matter what...so its more of how i am going to identify myself south of the border haha

Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
Mooneyham. My FI told me he would rather change his last name to Isaac, which is his middle name, and then I would be Mandy Isaac. But he would still go by Isaac. We're going to stick with Mooneyham!
haha mandy, you are going to get some awesome strange looks when you move to guadalajara! cheesy.gif

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