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The BDW Biggest Loser Club - Season 1

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I am still missing weights for ...


JamaicaBride062108 (Erin)

shelleyf (Shelley)

tvt (Tara) - missing the last 2 weeks


Please let me know if I missed the email or PM!




But ... announcing this weeks winner ... congrats, Nicole!!!!



nueland (Nicole)-1.655%


Raeka (Mel)-1.534%

beachbride08 (Michelle)-1.448%

gkashmira (Kash)-1.044%



chprfan (Jessica)-0.768%

LMP333 (Leslie)-0.598%



Nrvsbride (Glenda)-0.188%



cessyboston (Erica)0.000%

Dbell (Deitra)0.000%

froggie1013 (Kristy)0.125%


JamaicaBride062108 (Erin) <nothing received>

shelleyf (Shelley)<nothing received>

tvt (Tara) <nothing received>

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Thank you everyone!!!! smile29.gif if it wasn't for all your support I wouldn't be doing so well, it is nice to see that everyone has weight struggles just like me!thewave.gif everyone keep going we are all doing so well........

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Congrats Nicole! That is so awesome and we are so proud of you!


~Sarah your FI is so amazing! Isn't he the best FI ever? See how supportive he is?


~Jill there is a way to make cake less fattening. Instead of oil you use fat free apple sauce. And only use egg whites instead of the whole egg and mix it with the cake mix. If you do it from scratch and need to use sugar, only use brown sugar. You know what I would do? Ask Steve to get you a cupcake instead. This way there is only one thing you can eat and the entire cake won't be staring at you in the face, tempting you to eat the whole thing!

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Jill, there is always the Diet Coke cake option as well. I've never made it but it's been mentioned in Weight Watchers meeting many times. I believe you just add one can of Diet Coke to chocolate cake mix and bake as normal. You can also do it with Diet Sprite and yellow cake mix. Like I said, I've never made it, but I've heard good things about it. I like Glenda's cupcake idea as well. How cute are they!

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Congratulations Nicole!!


Jill I bought my FI a low-carb cheescake from Cheesecake Factory for his birthday so it wasnt as bad for us! It was delicious...another options at least!!

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