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Back from wedding!!!

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Everything was perfect!!!

I will post pictures as soon as my photographer sends them to me which should be in a couple days.

We had the wedding at 2 with the steel band playing. That was my favourite upgrade. I brought some fake Gerber daises with me and got them to make my bouquet with roses and gerber daisies. I think it was 144 for the bouquet. We didnâ€t get the chair covers as I could not justify the cost, but if you have extra money in your budget I would recommend it. I paid the 45 dollars for the aisle runner and brought fake flower petals from home.

We had our supper at the mammee bay. A couple of my guests decorated a table for signing our photo mat and our reception table. We had 40 guests and they made the table in a giant T shape. I think it would be hard to do many different table arrangements at either the upstairs of the plantation or mammee bay. The resort had candles for the table at no extra cost. We did not pay for more champagne as I thought the wine would be enough. When they brought the free champagne my brother paid the waiter 20 dollars to go and get 7 more bottles of champagne.

It was very difficult to hear the speeches at the restaurant. I would advise doing them elsewhere or getting a microphone brought in. I had planned supper to take 2 hours, but it was closer to 3 hours by the time everyone ate and had dessert.

We rented the disco, I was sceptical about it after being there the nights before but was really surprised. They turn the lights on when you have it rented and it actually feels like you are at a wedding dance. I saw many weddings when we were there that had their dances in the restaurant and to be honest ( no offence to anyone that did this) it looked awkward...like you were dancing in a restaurant cause in fact that is what you are doing.

There was a reggae show the wedding night and they actually came and got my husband and myself and brought us on stage to dance as they played for us...my wedding dance went from 40 people watching to 1500 in a matter of seconds!

We had our room upgraded a couple days after being there. The junior suites are nice and I almost didnâ€t take the upgrade because I thought it wouldnâ€t be worth moving all of our stuff...boy was I wrong...amazing. The upgraded room is almost as big as the first floor of my house. We had a party in our room the night before the wedding which worked really well. We tipped a waiter to bring more drinks up. It was much cheaper than doing a reception and more personable.

Chandlyn was very good about making supper reservations for us for all of the other nights. The meeting with her was very quick mostly because this site had answered all the questions I had.

The riu was amazing. All of my guests were happy about everything. The only thing that caused some minor annoyance was that the key cards often didnâ€t work and you would have to walk back and get new ones. For the size of the resort it is laid out quite well and we had no problems finding members of our group.

If anyone has questions let me know and I will do my best to answer.

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Congrats! I'm glad everything went well for you. : ) Sounds like everything was perfect. Can't wait to see your photos!


Questions for you...

1: Did you bring an outside photographer? Were there any issues in doing so?


2: Where did you have your wedding? The gazebo or the beach?


3: Did you do a cake? If so, did you upgrade it, was it worth it?

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