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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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    Posted 02 February 2009 - 09:27 AM

    Yamille: I'm going to differ from Kelly. Ours were a godsend. Of course, I got married in August and Kelly got married in December. We had a breeze, but it wasn't constant and when it died down it was HOT. Are they critical? No, probably not, but I was happy to have them.

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    #902 KLC77

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      Posted 02 February 2009 - 06:58 PM

      Oh Yamille, I didn't even think that you are getting married in a different month from me!

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      #903 bumbles

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        Posted 02 February 2009 - 06:58 PM

        Congrats to Robinbood and glavas on your recent weddings!
        Also, congrats egsarah on setting the date! :)

        Yamille, I'm having paper fans in case it's super hot. I found paper ones for under $1 at Luna Bazaar. I don't know if they're easier to pack than rafia fans...hmm.

        Meredith, did you get any info from Paradisus on the slideshow? I emailed Daniela w/ a bunch of questions on centerpieces, canpoy, spa, etc. but had forgotten about this part. I'll post info as soon as I hear from Daniela!

        So far, there are 40 ppl in our group! I think 10-15 more will be going :) I'm sad though because a number of ppl can't attend due to the recession and job insecurity

        A major need-to-do: contact swank re: dj/ipod (avoiding this b/c it's probably expensive)

        I am nervous about the make-up service at Paradisus -- I went through a few reviews and I don't think anyone at all has had their make-up done there. I think I can do my make-up given a few tips an artist, but I just don't want to! Maybe I'll do a trial at Paradisus and be my own back up just in case. What are you ladies doing?

        #904 Meredith

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          Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:50 PM

          Hi Fanny,

          As far as the slideshow, Perla said to contact SWANK about a price. That scares me - I think it might be pretty expensive. Do any of you SWANK's contact info? I will let you know their quote.


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            Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:58 PM

            Here is the email address I used...


            Our Awesome Wedding Pics: http://www.delsolpho...ings/kelly&ron/

            #906 yamille

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              Posted 03 February 2009 - 01:43 AM

              Thanks for the heads up on the fans. I'm still debating. I seriously keep buying more and more things. It's getting a little out of control and I kept trying to "keep it simple". Anywho... Good luck with the slideshow stuff and SWANK. I have been to weddings when they have that sort of thing and it's always really sweet. I hope they are not super expensive for ya.

              I will be doing my own makeup but want to get my hair done at the spa. I am at some point going to go to bloomies or sephora and have it done and buy makeup. I would like to mostly keep it natural but need to learn how to do my eyes so they have that "natural look". I usually look done up when I do my own eye make up. Ugh. I'll think about that later. I just can't deal not being in control of the makeup aspect of the day... and then if i hate it (!). I'll be sweaty and upset- I can see it now.

              Fanny- 40ppl already booked is awesome! I think we will end up having around 25. We had several that can't make it because of the economy. I am happy though becasue that is sort of the number that I was aiming for. Although I would love it if we had a few people that I wll really miss jump on board.

              #907 Meredith

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                Posted 03 February 2009 - 08:04 PM

                Thanks for the email address! When I hear back from him, I'll let you know what the quote is. Have a great day ladies!

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                  Posted 09 February 2009 - 01:58 PM

                  Hi Everybody,

                  DH and I are back from our honeymoon! I hope to post a full review this weekend (three days long- whoohoo!), but just know that the wedding was wonderful- everything we'd hoped for, including our good fortune of fabulous weather! All of our guests loved the resort and are still leaving us messages about how great it was.

                  I do have to give a special shout out now to our dj, Carlos of Mannia- he was FABULOUS! He played great music, did gorgeous lighting for our beach dance floor, was super responsive, and was sooo nice on top of it all! I should get my pro pics by the end of the month (we are so excited, Elizabeth!), but in the meantime, here is a link to nonpropics, which a friend of mine took. The first bunch are of the rehearsal dinner at Yaxche restaurant in Playa del Carmen, but then it goes into the wedding at the Paradisus:


                  #909 MissyR

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                    Posted 09 February 2009 - 04:03 PM

                    YAY! Welcome back and congrats! I can see from your photos how in love you are..

                    #910 Meredith

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                      Posted 09 February 2009 - 08:41 PM

                      Your wedding photos are beautiful!!

                      FYI - I heard back from SWANK on the projector/screen - his quote was$750.00! Yikes. I think I am going to pass.

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