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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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#191 MissyR

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    Posted 18 March 2008 - 09:18 PM

    Alright girls! Here are the packages I have created with respect to price - Each is based on 40 adults - we have customized some of the menus for the Fantasy and Wish Packages and then made add ons to the Aqua Package - THanks to Becks advice I costed out the Wish and it's about 1000 bucks cheaper!

    ANy questions let me know! I didn't include the set up for the IPOD cause all the packages include ceremony music and we are leaning towards a DJ!







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    #192 futuremrsjones

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      Posted 19 March 2008 - 04:47 PM

      Melissa, Thanks so much. Your spreadsheets were super helpful! Why did Swank give you a bad taste? Just wondering.

      Also are any of you doing slideshows/videos at either your rehearsal dinner or your reception? I asked about it for my rehearsal dinner and Victor with Swank sent me a quote for $1000.00 to set up the screen and play the video. I was thinking to just do it at the reception since Swank would already be there.

      #193 MissyR

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        Posted 19 March 2008 - 04:58 PM

        I guess I didn't fully explain myself! I just felt that when I emailed him and specifically said that we booked in 2007 and Perla quoted us the 2007 rates - he still tried to quote me with the higher 08 rates... just thought it was a bit sneaky!

        #194 nenamono

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          Posted 19 March 2008 - 05:42 PM

          Im still at work but I wanted to send my thanks to Melissa for posting these files. Im going to update mine tonight. They are super helpful. By the way I agree I love your hair short I wish I could wear mine like that!!!! Fabulous!

          On a side note Perla got back to me last night on some questions and told me that she is working on my detail sheet and will be sending is shortly b/c she needs to finalize the details by the end of the month. She said she has a lot of weddings next month and wont be able to give as much attention as usual. Has anyone else received the same message? I hope this is not set in stone she did tell me I can make changes a week before the wedding.

          #195 becks



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            Posted 19 March 2008 - 06:26 PM

            I know they are getting into their busy season. But I'm surprised she actually told you she might be delayed in getting to you.

            We just booked a trip back down to finalize our plans. Funny, but we actually looked at coming down the weekend you were getting married Michelle! In the end we're going back down on the weekend of May10. Too bad - would have been SO fun to peek in on your wedding!

            But, we just decided that we'd rather finalize everything in person, pick out things and sort all the details while we were there.

            Besides, nice weekend away with my honey!

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            #196 madenerg2

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              Posted 19 March 2008 - 07:18 PM

              I wanted the firebreathing Dancers too!
              I've been waiting for Elisa to get back to me too - thank God you posted this.
              I've been speaking with Maria an outside WC and she's quoting me prices on water drummers (not quite sure what they are) and Capoiera dancers.
              The only problem with them is they have to travel from 2 hours away and want to perform for 40 minutes. I think that's a little long.
              My DIY items are arriving in the mail Daily - I really feel like I'm getting married now. We got our first gift off the registry yesterday....
              I ordered chair bows off e-bay for a $1 each - does anyone know if they need to be steamed?

              Originally Posted by nenamono
              If you sign up for a photobucket account, you download to pictures there and just copy the link under and paste it in the reply thread. I believe there are a few threads on how to do it.
              Thanks LeShay. Im asking Perla if I can substitute some of the appetizers for something else. Crossing my fingers on this. Here is the list of cold appetizers included in the Fantasy Package:
              Cheese Truffles with Chipotle Sesame Sauce
              Ham & Asparragus
              Roasted Cactus filled with Crab
              Assorted Cheese tray with Crackers
              Tuna Mousse on Toasted Rounds

              I was really interested in having fire dancers at the wedding, big bummer Perla got back to me and due to the Palapas at the resort we can not have them. She said she is waiting on some pictures of a show she thinks would be nice. As soon as I get them I will post them.

              I dont know about you guys but I need to get cracking on some of my DIY projects but most of the remaining ones are on hold until we get a head count. Which is about 3 weeks away. Im itchin' to finish though, but I did get a bit of head start and have all my templates ready to go in MS Publisher.

              #197 madenerg2

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                Posted 19 March 2008 - 07:22 PM

                We're doing an 8 hour package with Claudia photo with 6 hours on the wedding day and 2 hours the day after - she's charging an additional $150 -She asked me if 6 hours would be enough on the wedding day - I replied - You tell me Claudia, I've never been married before.

                Originally Posted by becks
                Of course it will be a good wedding planning week!!!!

                I'm working on photography this week. Good news is that most everyone seems to have some availability. Yay!

                How much time are you booking with your photogs?

                I'm thinking I need 6 hours (ugh!). I want getting ready photos, a few pictures before the ceremony of FI and I around the resort, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, cake cutting and a little bit of the begining of the reception (after dinner) We have 2 hours for dinner (in L'Hermitage), which I don't really want photos of - who wants photos of people eating - and we aren't doing toasts or anything during that time.

                The problem is that I believe all of the time is consecutive - even if we invite them to have dinner with us. So in order to get photos of the reception, I've got to have them there for the whole time. Not pleased with the idea of the extra $700-$1000 it will cost me, but I don't know what else to do! Do you guys have any great ideas? FI thinks maybe we let them go after the cocktail hour and just give everyone disposables for the reception, but the photos might be SO bad, and I want a few good photos of me dancing with my sweetheart!

                #198 MissyR

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                  Posted 19 March 2008 - 08:35 PM

                  Becks I am sooo jealous! I am trying to convince FI to do a weekend but not sure if the cost is any less than a week - are you booking the flight and hotel separately or through a package?

                  In terms of changing the hors doeurves - I believe that Perla quoted me $15 pp for the Fantasy additional because basically we wanted to change all the appetizers!

                  LeShay - Love your idea about the chair bows - not sure I wanted to spend $4 each for them if I can get my own!

                  Still struggling with photography though - Cannot decide what to do in terms of flying someone down etc.

                  I feel like I need to get going on my DIY projects - I don't want to save anything til the fall!

                  #199 becks



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                    Posted 20 March 2008 - 07:53 AM

                    We're booking our separately - but we just got an invite to a wedding the weekend we were supposed to go down, so everything may change. Totally FI's call. We can get flights out of NYC in the morning that land about 10:30, so pretty easy just to go down for two nights/three days.

                    Here's the info I have on local photogs. Maybe that will help with your pricing. We're now talking with Nathaniel about having him come down - he's cutting us a deal, but the prices to have him there for 3-4 days are not that different than for 6 hours day of and 2-3 hours TTD of a local photog, so I'm really leaning that way:









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                    #200 jhof

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                      Posted 20 March 2008 - 02:39 PM

                      Hi girls.

                      Melissa- I don't have enough points to view your spreadsheets! Would you mind emailing them to me? jeannehofbauer@hotmail.com Also, trying to be sure I understand what you are saying about the packages...so, did you end up doing only the Wish package and just adding on everything else you wanted?

                      I am trying to finalize details with Elisa and am getting nowhere. She promised that this week communication would be better and quicker because my wedding is 13 days away, but I am not hearing from her at all! I called and left her a message this morning. So, I am putting my questions out there for all of you. I have 25 guests reserved at the hotel. We all booked through a TA because the group block prices were outrageously more expensive but of course this means I won't get the dinner discount. I payed a deposit for the Fantasy Package. I want to have a plated dinner with 3 options- steak, fish, and chicken. I would like a cocktail hour, but would like to change some of the app. options. I requested the cake that is part of the Aqua Package- but don't want to pay extra for it if it doesn't really look like the photo. We were planning to just use our IPOD dock for music during cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. What worried me about this is that our doc is better than your average doc, but I still wonder if anyone will be able to hear the music over the sound of the waves. I want to have chair bows, flowered table arrangements, tiki torches, and candle lit bags and other misc. decorations. Based on this info, do you think I should stick with the Fantasy Package or switch to Wish and just add on? Sorry to throw this out there to all of you, but I just don't know what else to do at this point!

                      You think there would be a sense of urgency with only 13 days left to get back to me. I even emailed her explaining that I learned there is a change fee if I make changes after a week prior to wedding. She responded saying, "yes, let's get this all ironed out", but still has not replied to my huge long email full of questions that I sent her 3 weeds ago!

                      LeShay- Great idea for the bows. I am going to look on ebay now! Do you know if you will be charged a set-up fee for bringing in outside decorations. I remember on the old Paradisus post with Monika, someone mentioned being charged for bringing in extra decor stuff.

                      One last question. Can someone post Perla's email? Maybe I should forward all my questions to her and try and get some answers that way.

                      Thank you, thank you, thank you. ...just trying to keep breathing...
                      J & J

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