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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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Good point!! You are probably right!!


Ugh! I'm so confused. I am worried that if I choose Mannia, something will happen to his equipment, or that he will be cheesy, or that Swank will make it difficult for him.

If I choose SWANK, I feel like he may be slightly more expensive. Victor just wrote to me in an email five minutes ago "As I told you, I have never listen before Mania, An truly I don't know what kind of brands, what kind o equipment they used, and also how they equipment is treat it.


We are a big company supplying services for more than 4 years and also working for more than 200 properties all over the USA and Mexico.


I don't think you will like to take the challenge and left your main event to a company that cannot give you a support and confidence as we do.


Best Regards


Victor De Alba


Maybe I will ask Perla what she thinks, but who knows if I will get a straight answer!!!!!!!!


How Annoying!!

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I think LeShay is using someone they are bringing with them - Monika (who is no longer on the forum) used SWANK - from what I recall she said he was good but that he didn't play a lot of the stuff they had specifically asked for..

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Let me start a thread - I know there is quite a bit of information on them, but I'm not sure anyone using them has had their wedding yet.


If it makes you feel any better, one of the photographers - I can't remember if it's Elizabeth Medina or if it's Claudia Rodriguez was the person that orignally turned the BDW brides onto Mannia.

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So I have heard back from Swank - here is what his email said..


Dear Melissa


We are only focus to offer you the best quality and service.

Our service and quality is focus only on the customer satisfaction, our equipment and service is only "TOP NOTCH"


As I told you before, I haven't heard anything about this company, I work for Swank in-house Paradisus long time ago and I don't know Carlos as Paradisus Dj.


if you decide to go with another vendor I hope you received the same quality and service that Swank Audio Visual offer for a event so important to you.


Please find in the attached file my final offer, also I attached the procedure if you decide to go with and outside vendor. I;m upgrading this proposal to 5 hours event, instead of 4 hours, so in other words we are offering you a hour without charge, if you need and extra hour, please add $150.00 plus taxes



The quote he provided for five hours is $1,331.00 taxes included. Based on his quote it doesn't look like lights are included. Even with the outside fees based on their DJ policy, Mannia is still $300 cheaper..

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Victor emailed me the same thing (1331.00 taxes included)today for the DJ service at the reception and came down to $300 (from $1050) for a screen and the equipment for my slide show at the rehearsal dinner. He also said he hoped we could come to an agreement but if not, he attached the outside vendor fee agreement.


On the lights: Victor said you don't need any lights if your reception is on the terrace. He said the lights Mannia has are for the dance floor and the dance floor on the terrace is not that big. He said any other lights are not necessary but if I wanted he could add them. I really don't think I will need any lights.


Mannia = $750.0 +$325.00(outside vendor fee for technician$65*5hrs) + $55for 20 amp power + 10% tax and I read from some other brides on the forum he charges a $15% service fee? Is this true? If not he is $1210.00($121.00 cheaper)


Also I asked Perla if Mannia used to be the DJ at the Paradisus and if so, why did they stop using him? This was her answer:" Since I know, Swank has being the Audio Visual DJ Service. Swank has being the best DJ service in Cancun for many years. The Paradisus use only the best service" I knew she was going to say something like that. I'm sure she has to recommend Swank.


After all this, I think I am leaning more towards Swank for several reasons:

1. I feel like unfortunately the Paradisus might make it difficult for Mannia.

2. I feel like Swank is a much bigger company (They have many offices in the U.S. which gives me comfort that they know what they are doing).

3. I feel like the Paradisus guarantees what Victor puts in writing.

4. I think Victor with Swank realized he HAD to come down in price or he would lose business so he DID! This happens everywhere!


I am sure Carlos Mannia is a great DJ. I know Dreams Cancun uses him. Either DJ will probably work out fine. It is completely my opinion and I will probably change my mind several times between now and September 20th!! haha


I hope this helps

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I *think* I might be moving my wedding here....


I was working with Azul.. but after seeing their photog policy.. and how horrible their in-house guy is... I just can't do it.


My heart is breaking... but I'll find another location.


I am loving reading about your experiences here...

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