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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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Hey girls


Everything was just amazing.

Here is the link to some pics I uploaded on Kodak gallery..


Perla was a doll. She had perfect notes kept..

Everything went amazing.

All resturants were open!!

We were upgraded to the ambassador suite.!!!! WOW...

WE had our own butler Roger. He was there to assist us 247.. We had a kitchen in the romm and 2 bathrooms.. Like our own house!!!


Our rehearsel dinner was at the Mexican resturant. It went well.. Dinner was amazing.. Perla arranged this for us in advance


Morning of-Had my hair done.. She did a great job. It came out just like the picture I showed her.


Roger came at 4:50 (ten minutes to the ceremony to pick me up,my mom and maid of honor) He took us in the golf car and took us to the lobby where we waited for Perla to give us the go ahead.


We then headed towards the beach.


As I walked down the aisle everythying was there as I pictured.

Pink flowers everywere.We had a floral arch and a aisle runner with rose petals.

Cermony lasted about half hour. We then had pictures taken by Mexican wedding photographer and video by same company.


We had a signature pink frozen martini drink. It was deliciouS. When ceremony was over this was handed out.

The set up of receptioon was the loung setting(chill out package

It was so cool.. Couches and beds set up.. The guests loved it.





We had a congo line go up and down the beach.

We had so much fun


The dinner-we did buffet style..It was delcious.

Appetizers- quasidillas, taquitos, beef kabobs, chicken kabobs, vegetable brochettes, shrimp and pinapple


Dinner-penne in meat sauce, beef in garlic sauc, island rice and veggies, chicken caccitore, shrimp in pasta..


Everything perfecto!!!


Our wedding cake ..They followed the picture perfectly. We did half vanilla half chocolate cake and it was really good..


It was a perfect day..I felt like a princress

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I have one question for you since I'm doing the chill out chill as well. Did you have the buffet style dinner on the beach itself or on the grill terrace?

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Hi everyone i was up till 1 am last night reading everything i could about paradisus. I am getting married may 22 of 2010 and am very excited. i just wanted to see what prices you paid for your stay my travel agent quoted me 1076 for the hotel stay for 7 nights and the airfare from detroit is 275 right now so that is 1350 does that sound average and also i dont have to much to spend on the wedding and am wondering for those who already got married is 5k enough to have a decent wedding there with about 25-30 guests.

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Hey Ladies!


so excited to have found this forum and you fellow paradisus brides!!


My date is Oct 16! Perla never responds to me and I need serious help! are you guys using dj's? I am having 40 adults and 3 kids and doing chill out chic on the terrace. Do they just decorate however you want?


is it normal that Perla has come off as unhelpful?


Thanks... im getting nervous about the details

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welcome Abegail!! I am going with a DJ...I highly recommend you reading through this whole thread to get the pros and cons of using a DJ and how to get around SWANK if thats what you choose to do.


Perla can take a long time to respond but from the reviews from past brides you are in VERY capable hands. My understanding is that she gets better about responding the closer you get to your date. If you REALLY need an answer quick try adding "Please Respond" in your subject line. She tends to get back faster that way.



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HI abegail i was told that not to worry about not hearing from perla they know what there doing and don't need long to put everything together my wedding is in may of nest year and i will most likely start emailing her about 3 months before your wedding. But dont worry i have heard great things about perla.

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