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Originally Posted by Autumn View Post
oooh! I love those!
esp love the texture spray (the gold looks like sand - perfect!)
and I love how you grommeted the pages together (was that hard to do?)

congrats on getting them done!!
Thanks so much. I love the little info cards too...it worked out great. I used a scrapbooking tool that allows you to attach eyelets to paper. They are designed to be used as accents for scrapbook pages, but I just used the largest size and made sure not to make it too tight so the pages moved freely. It probably would not have worked with more than 3 pages because I did use 100lb. paper (like a business card weight).

The tool set that I bought years ago would have been terribly time consuming (you need two different attachments for the head of the tool and have to punch a whole and attach the eyelet using a hammer). But I went to michaels and they now sell a tool that punches and attaches just by pressing down. It worked great. This was an easy job that my fiance took care of in just a few hours!

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