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I am a FAT COW

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Originally Posted by BillysBride View Post
Thank you, BFB. Girl, we as women need to get over this constant comparing ourselves with what we see on t.v. Those heffa's have been nipped, tucked, airbrushed, peeled, suctioned and augmented to the nth degree and here we all sit looking at them, then in the mirror thinking we are unnatural. Something is VERY wrong with that.

I refuse to starve myself. Am I happy with my body? Ofcourse not. It needs some tweeking, but I'm not about to tell myself I need to be a size 2 to be gorgeous. Some women are simply not meant to be single digit sizes, and I'm one of them. I ain't been a size 6 since I WAS six, so I'm not sitting around the house trying to figure out how to go back to that. I had some medical issues about a year ago, and got down to a loose fitting size 10...people kept asking me what was wrong with me. I looked gaunt, emaciated and just plain unhealthy. This was the weight loss, not the medical problem that caused it. Once I gained about 10lbs back, everyone noticed and stopped even worrying about me even though I still had problems with my thyroid (mine was HYPERactive instead of sluggish, so my metabolism was in overdrive).

I've always thought the Marilyn Monroe's of the world are far more beautiful and womanly than the Twiggy's. I hate it that America has done this to the female population. Its mass brain washing I tell you! Not that theres anything wrong with being skinny. If thats your body type, then rock it. If its natural for you, then chances are you look good that way. I've just never understood the entire mentality of DYING to be "thin" or "skinny." In fact, I remember someone calling me that in college, and I got offended! I need my pumps and a bump....as Latifah says, "Its a curvation nation!". I'm a 14 now, but a 12 dress size. Its my hips that keep me outta of 12 pants, and they are not going ANYwhere, ya here? So I'm trying to tone up, and lose this damn pooch I have. I can't even blame my kids for it, I had it before. They just made it a little bigger, so not really their fault. hahahahaha

My wedding goal is to have SOME type of abdominal definition. You know, that outter rim women get even when they don't have the six pack? Ya, thats what I'm going for. Pooch reduction and a little ab definition as well as having thighs that do not jiggle when I run scantily clad down the beach. Because, honey, let me tell you..I WILL be running scantily clad down the beach. With no shame. And my man will love it. Y'all all need to do it. She'it, have you been to the beaches outside of the U.S.? If you see what some of those European women are working with, and showing off, you will stop feeling so bad about yourselves. ((shudder))

Y'all stop dogging yourselves. For real. Please. Obviously, you have men that think you are the cat's meow and sexy as hell or they wouldn't be tying themselves to your "fat" asses in the first place. I guarantee you, the only person thinking you are fat (other than Hollywood) is you.
Well said!!! I love your post! :)smile159.gif

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I mooo to that. I am losing because I am notn happy with me. and if I am not happy then I can not expect fh to be happy. He is losing to and DAMN if he doesnt look good. I want him to say that about me again. I want to dance to my theme song BRICK HOUSE and I will in just a short time by sept I will be there.




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