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Jenn's Honeymoon Review - Sunset at the Palms


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Okay ladies, I'm trying to finally catch up with my BDW duties and tell you about the places I stayed during our honeymoon. After much self-debate, I decided to break it up to make it a little more manageable as we stayed at 3 resorts for our honeymoon - Sunset at the Palms (Negril), The Caves (Negril), and Jake's (Treasure Beach). Bear with me, as I may not post all 3 today.


The first leg of our honeymoon was at Sunset. We had been REALLY excited to check this resort out, and we probably would have loved it if it had been the first place we went. That being said, after going from a super quiet, small, peaceful resort like Coral Cove where we got married, Sunset was a little bit of culture shock. The resort is beautiful, and the beach being across the street wasn't a problem for us at all. The pool is also very nice and the guys at the pool bar were terrific!


The rooms are very pretty, but the bed was VERY uncomfortable, and the mosquitos, despite bug wipes and mosquito coils were brutal. There were about 5 mosquitos in our closet when we checked in! The showers (which we were psyched to try) were a major bummer! They have these gorgeous multi-head jets, but the water heater is super small, so they run out of hot water in about 5 minutes. Not what we were expecting. We also thought it would be a bit more private from the website. The balconies face the walkways, so they are not at all private, and the cabins (2 rooms) are pretty close to the next cabin. But, its probably still more private than a huge hotel.


The grounds were lush and tropical and we actually saw a doctorbird, which was really cool. The beach is a bit small, but very pretty. The food was hit or miss... the beach grill was good - jerk chicken, burgers, and fries - breakfast and lunch were always pretty good. The buffet for dinner was generally good, but we were hoping for more Jamaican food... and not Italian Night - which was inedible, btw. Of the 4 nights we were there, there was 1 day that they served Jamaican. We also tried the restaurant, which we actually walked out of the food was so bad. It's an Asian-fusion restaurant, and it was pre-made and pretty dreadful. If you go to Sunset, skip the restaurant.


We did not see a wedding while we were there, so I can't comment on that, but I have a picture of one of the gazebos they use...


The bars were all good, and the staff was fantastic. They were very friendly and wanted to make sure you were having a good time. Definitely bring a Bubba Keg or other larger glass, as the plastic cups are small. The nightly entertainment was good... the band that played our wedding actually played at Sunset, which was very cool.


Overall, we had fun. We were a little disappointed in the privacy and food, but we really gravitate to smaller places. I think for a large wedding with many different people and needs, they would probably do a great job. For us, a little more Jamaican feel would've gone a long way, but that's us. For those getting married there, I'm sure you and your guests will have a great time, just wasn't totally for us. I wish I could've raved about it... Pics are coming...

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