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Lots of different venues in Oahu


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Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this link to these pictures. We are having our legal ceremony in Oahu and I am considering the Kahala Resort. However it is just going to be the two of us so we don't really need a resort and still undecided about the location. Can I ask you--how long did it take to get your marriage license in Oahu? We have only one day to get it (day after Labor DAy) and we are getting married the next day. I am wondering if this is enough time to get the marriage license? Thank you in advance for your help!





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Hi Jessica,


We're not married yet, so I can't answer your question.


We were originally planning on getting married in Mexico, but my fiance's stepmother and her daughter are here on visas (not sure what kind) and so they can't travel to Mexico.


So now we've decided on Hawaii. We haven't decided on a venue either. I love the Kahala, but it costs $4200 to have the basic wedding there, and if you bring an outside photographer they charge you a $1000 fee.


Additionally, if you have your reception there, there's another $1000 location fee outside of the cost of food and drinks.


Oy. It's getting really expensive!


We may be getting married at the Hilton (if they ever get back to me!!)

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Originally Posted by mpark46 View Post
I found this link on another site.

It's basically a scouting trip (with LOTS of pics) of several different venues on Oahu.

Oahu Scouting Trip Pictures
I wish I had access to this site with pictures before! Booking from the mainland is so hard and the pictures available on the hotel websites don't really give a good enough view of the inside to the point where you can make a decision. I wish I had time to visit all of the venues, but just ran out of vacation time to do it. We're going to be getting married at the Moana Surfrider. I'm very pleased with it. We looked at the Kahala and the Surfrider, but ultimately made the decision with the Moana because it is centrally located, making it easily accessible to our guests. The classy look throughout also stuck out to us.

Kahala is very beautiful, as I did attend my best friend's wedding there. The only setback is having our guests drive to get there since you do have to proceed through a residential area to get there. The negative also is that if people are drinking, the last thing you want them to do is drive around in foreign area and make their way back to their respective hotels in Waikiki...
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