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Mori Lee Bridesmaid dresses?

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Help! Has anyone else ordered a Mori Lee bridesmaid dress? I have picked Mori Lee 735 below is a link with the pic but my dilemna is the sizing. My bridesmaids are all out of town so they got measured and called to order them. I was told they run small by the bridal shop but my size 8 bridesmaid was told to order a size 12? My size 12 one a 16? Its not the size that's the problem but if they order the size they are told the bust size is like way too big? Does anyone have any information or experience with this designers dresses? I was excited they were only going to have to spend 112 on the dress and don't want them to spend 50 more on alterationshuh.gif HELP!!


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Those are my exact dresses. Mori Lee does run small. Most of my girls went up at least 1 size but most went up 2.


I think a lot of it depends on her build. When the store takes the measurements you choose the size that matches the largest part of your body. So if you need a 16 in the chest and a 14 in the waist, you go with the 16.


The dress has side seams so they are easy to alter. If you are worried about cost, I would have them call local seamstresses now to get rates and schedule fittings. Our dresses won't be in until mid-APril but we have all already made the appointments. I even met my lady at the bridal store so she could see the dress and give me a more accurate quote.


Hope that helps!

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Love that dress!


I ordered a BM dress online recently. They didn't have this dress anywhere near me. So I looked up the designer's size chart. Then i went & got measured. They told me I'd be an 8. I tried on all the 8s in the store by the same designer & they all fit. So hopefully my dress fits. it comes in in april.


Shop around & you might find that dress for less. I'll go find the link to where I got mine. It was $100 less than the bridal salon.

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Sorry, it was 10%, not 15%.


10% off order total. Expires March 10th, 2008.




10% off through Jan 31, 2008...after that just change the 01 to 02 and so forth


As their coupons expire, you can just change the numbers to a later date & they work.

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