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#1851 STBMrsBW

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    Posted 12 October 2010 - 05:39 AM

    I confess that I have given up on the whole big wedding thing and no longer speak to my family because of wedding planning gone wrong. But I know I had to be true to myself and my FH and do what we wanted and not what my mother insisted on. I confess that I haven't spoken to my parents in over a month (which for me is like a year, we used to talk several times a day and I don't live with them) and I don't feel bad about it. I don't know if I have just shut down emotionally where they are concerned or if I really just don't care because I'm now stress free. But I know my DW, which is more like us having an intimate ceremony on the beach with only our son, is going to be exactly what we my FH and I want and best of all, no drama!

    I confess that my parents aren't the only reason I'm so excited about a DW and no guests. I'm excited his grown daughters won't be there (he didn't plan to send them an invite when we were having the wedding at home) and that his parents won't be there either. All of them together or seperate equals drama. And I confess that this last year with both of his kids out of the house has been pure bliss. And since they never come around I am even happier and so is he. I guess people should know they put us thru pure hell and stole from us. I had a $700 necklace from my daughters father that I was going to give her on her wedding day (she is only in elem. school now) and they stole that and my FH gave me a bracelett for our first Christmas that I loved and they stole that. Plus money and other little things around our house. Plus they are hell on wheels, both are drop outs and druggies. So I guess you can get an idea of why it is pure bliss now.

    #1852 barbiegirl_27

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      Posted 12 October 2010 - 07:59 AM

      I have to confess that my two best friends caused me so much drama a couple months ago, and I had pretty much written them off. Now both have suddenly popped back into my life, and trying to act like everything is fine between us, almost to the point of sucking up, and well I just don't trust them anymore. I think they've both said and done things that cannot be taken back, and maybe I can forgive it, but I'll never forget it. I feel like they've ruined a time that was supposed to be so happy for me.

      #1853 emmisa

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        Posted 12 October 2010 - 09:45 PM

        Ok ladies, here's my confession.


        I'm not a big fan of FI's family. His parents did not raise him, have never supported him (financially or otherwise), and are not a big part of either one of our lives. However, my FI is the best and most genuine person in the world and does everything for them. To make sure that those that are "closest" to FI can attend our wedding in Cabo, my parents will be paying for his family's rooms for 3 nights. This includes his parents and his 2 brothers and their girlfriends. I'm overwhelmed by my parents' generosity, and I just wish that his family would show some gratitude. They have not said thank you at all. His brothers just keep complaining about the costs of their passports and their flights. His brother's girlfriend acts excited in front of us, but tells FMIL that she doesn't understand why we would get married in Mexico and why they have to spend money to come. His father is saying that he's not coming at all. FMIL (my least favorite) is surprising me by telling them all to shut up and to be supportive. I keep telling my FI that if they keep complaining, than he needs to tell them that they can choose not to come at all and save us all some money! Ahhhh it drives me crazy. I'm just embarrassed by their behavior, hurt that they have such a hard time supporting FI, and angry that they cannot say thank you to my parents.


        I hope that none of them come. Now I feel guilty for saying that.

        #1854 msmarmar123

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          Posted 13 October 2010 - 05:07 AM

          My Confession of the Day....

          FI has has huge debt..which I just recently found out about..all debt from before me...back taxes and old credit card crap...past bills...all kinds of good stuff. 

          I am by no means responsible when it comes to money...I had huge credit card bills...but I'm enrolled in a program and paying them off..never  ignored them...plus...in my divorce..lost a house...so there is a fabulous forclusire front and center on my credit report.  Difference is...I was very upfront and honest about it all...he was with me when I lost the house and I discussed the pros and cons of a debt consolidation company to get rid of my cc debts...


          We met with a bankruptcy lawyer last night and that seems like his (our) best option but apparently you still have to pay back taxes...and there are tens of freakings thousands of dollars in back taxes. We have money to pay bills and necessities...but we have NO extra to do anything....


          So...now I am so scared for how we will actually pay for our wedding....he was so convinced he could add money to what my mother gave us (still waiting to see what his family is giving and I don't understand why they can't just give us a freaking number already)



          Add all this to the fact that he didn't tell me about it...If I would have found out all this AFTER we got married...no idea how I would have handled that....

          I get that this is a hard topic to bring up...but that's not fair to me....


          I need to win the Freaking Lottery!!!!!

          #1855 Labebita911

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            Posted 29 March 2011 - 07:31 PM

            confession... well.. umm i cant write with a pen unless it has a cap on it.. it just feels all wrong!!!!.... unless retractable ofcourse!!!...


            Also... sometimes i cant stand my FMIL... SHe issss sooooooo dramatic and needy its insane!!!!! she once cried at the restaurant cuz she didnt understand the menu, ok the  menu was in english and she speaks spanish but undestand english (some) but i was explaining it to her  !! are you serious!!!! ATTENTION SEEKER!!

            Future Mrs. Perez 2012

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            20 Guest Booked and counting...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            #1856 Avelyad

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              Posted 26 April 2011 - 03:23 AM

              My confession- Whatever I post here will probably be read by FI since he is on the forum (almost) as much as me! Hi honey!

              #1857 MichCraw

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                Posted 26 April 2011 - 05:32 AM

                Originally Posted by Avelyad 

                My confession-
                Whatever I post here will probably be read by FI since he is on the forum (almost) as much as me!

                Hi honey!

                LOL that's too funny !!!


                #1858 baileybutton

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                  Posted 30 April 2011 - 03:23 AM

                  I have read through loads of these confessions and I've finally gathered up enough courage to type my own...here it goes:


                  I don't like my mother. I don't want her to come to our wedding, but how do you not invite your own mother to your wedding? She brings out the worst in me.


                  I feel bad for saying that but I know she will just add stress and anxiety to one of the most important days of my life.

                  03.13.13 ~ The day I marry my best friend!

                  #1859 jszy10

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                    Posted 10 May 2011 - 10:00 AM

                    Ummm...my shower is in 4 days and I CAN'T stop looking at my registry!!! lol

                    #1860 jszy10

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                      Posted 10 May 2011 - 10:01 AM


                      Originally Posted by jszy10 

                      Ummm...my shower is in 4 days and I CAN'T stop looking at my registry!!! lol


                      Oh and PS...there are only 8 things purchased?  It makes me a little sad?

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