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any UK brides going to Riu Ocho Rios?

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Originally Posted by kitty_kat_uk View Post
Hi there
was just wondering if there are any fellow UK brides who will be travelling to Ocho Rios to get married.

IF so, have you had any problems with your travel agent? which agent are you going with?


Hi Claire,

Let me guess its not Thomson you've booked with is it? I've booked the ROR for my wedding in May and I'm having major issues with them at the moment. Its about the time slot we thought they had reserved for us of which they didn't. Its only after visiting this site I found out someone else had the same date and time! I know I'm not alone either as I've been speaking to someone else who has exactly the same problem.
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Yes, its Thomson. We couldn't book throug the weddings department till we had our holiday booked.


By the time our holiday was booked, the only day left is 2 days before we fly home. Thomson can only have 1 wedding a day at Riu apparently.


After reading these forums, I've contacted the hotel direct as they haven't set the dates yet formally. I've asked her to bring it forward. They have or can have 6 a day so I'm led to believe!


My only trouble is that the flight is already booked up, so those booking at a later date can't book as we don't have a wedding date.


What a disaster!!! Glad its not just me.

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Are Thomson doing anything to help? I've been on the phone everyday this week trying to sort something out, i've been speaking to chris, she's the weddings manager apparently, anyway as of yet all they can suggest is i'll have to wait and see if there's any cancellations. I'm not being funny but how many people do you think are gonna cancel their wedding 12 weeks before the big day?


And to think they are meant to be taking the stress out of the planning!

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