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Have you exercised today?

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#271 *JillD*

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    Posted 24 January 2007 - 07:14 PM

    My wedding is in October too and I really wanted to lose 30 lbs. before I ordered my dress, but we'll see if I can hold out that long.

    I'm not sure if there is a new plan, I haven't heard of it. When you went did they have the option where you didn't really have to write things down you just ate foods off of a core list and then when you ate something not on that list you had to count the points (I hope that makes sense)

    I didn't want to have to do it again either, but its the only thing that works for me. I can do atkins & south beach for a few weeks and lose a lot, but then I gain it all back when I go crazy with the carbs!!

    Let us know if you need some help with motivation, I know I always do! :)

    #272 REBECCA

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      Posted 24 January 2007 - 07:36 PM

      Originally Posted by Julesr
      I went to the gym today and did 40 minutes on the elliptical machine. No weights because I did my whole body yesterday.

      Sadly, I will not be able to work out for the rest of the week though, 3 days is better than nothing right? I am leaving early to head up to Barrie tomorrow for my sister's birthday and I will be there for the rest of the weekend. No working out happening. I will try for a walk on Saturday, but that is the best I will do.

      TammyM, what happened to you, have not heard from you in a while. How is working out going for you?
      I think 3 days is fine! I think we should all try to workout a minimum of 3 days a week. We all have lives and things come up. A walk of Saturday would be awesome of you can squeeze it in!

      I went to my trainer last night I I will go again tomorrow night. Then I just have to work out over the weekend!

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      #273 -Kate-

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        Posted 24 January 2007 - 10:33 PM

        I'm off to Whistler for 3 days of snowboarding so no gym for me. But trust me, I'll be plenty sore!

        #274 destinationbride07

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          Posted 25 January 2007 - 02:12 PM

          Since I am leaving early today, I will go to gym after work.
          I am going to try and do my 10 minute ab tape tonight as well...

          #275 NATASHA

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            Posted 25 January 2007 - 02:18 PM

            Oh my gosh - my pilates instructor killed me last night. My legs are still shaking.
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            #276 LCBride2007


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              Posted 25 January 2007 - 02:45 PM

              nope - and i probably won't be able to all weekend, other than soccer on Fri night. i am staying at a friends house in MN all weekend - we're house shopping all day tomorrow. hmmmm, that's a lot of walking ...

              #277 Christine

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              Posted 25 January 2007 - 03:38 PM

              I wish I could say yes, but probably not until the weekend. I don't get off work until late today and tomorrow. But good job to all you dedicated ladies. I can't wait until February 8th when basketball season is over, I will actually be able to leave work at a normal time and work out. YIPEE!!!
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              #278 *JillD*

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                Posted 25 January 2007 - 03:47 PM

                I'll be on my treadmill again tonight and probably do some arms. I must say that last night my legs hurt so bad. I wanted to try to do more time on the mill even if it was just 5-10 minutes, but my legs were burning when I was done.

                So, next time I'm on here today, I will have finished my workout!

                #279 TOESNTHESND

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                  Posted 25 January 2007 - 03:48 PM

                  Duh! I keep forgetting to post here. I have been working out 4 days a week. This week i am shooting for 5! This cardio kickboxing is really MAKING me kick it into high gear. Hopefully i can keep losing wait, cause my BM's are dying to go dress shopping. I told them to hold their horses already we have plenty of time!

                  #280 Sarah


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                    Posted 25 January 2007 - 04:11 PM

                    Cindy Crawford, 45 minutes today.
                    I've been pretty consisitently doing her workout every other day (3-4 times a week) and getting on the elliptical twice a week. I am starting to notice a difference, even though the scale doesn't say so...

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